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تعجب The bloody return of the biblical Jesus

bloody return biblical Jesus

In the name of Allah our creator , god of Abraham , Moses , Jacob , jesus and all Prophets

The false scribe 's pen changed the truth in to lies !
The Gospel 's author (s) pretends that prophet jesus peace be upon him 's return will be bloody and brutal !

bloody return biblical Jesus

Verse 14
And I looked - See the notes on Revelation 14:1. His attention is arrested by a new vision. The Son of man himself comes forth to close the scene, and to wind up the affairs of the world. This, too, is of the nature of an episode, and the design is the same as the previous visions - to support the mind in the prospect of the trials that the church was to experience, by the assurance that it would be finally triumphant, and that every enemy would be destroyed.

And behold a white cloud - Bright, splendid, dazzling - appropriate to be the seat of the Son of God. Compare the Matthew 17:5 note; Revelation 1:7 note. See also Matthew 24:30; Matthew 26:64; Luke 20:27; Acts 1:9; 1 Thessalonians 4:17; Revelation 10:1.

And upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man - Compare the Revelation 1:13 note; Daniel 7:13 note. It is probable that there is here a designed reference to the passage in Daniel. The meaning is, that one appeared on the cloud in a human form, whom John at once recognized as he to whom the appellation of “the Son of man” especially belonged - the Lord Jesus. The meaning of that term had not been fixed in the time of Daniel 7:13; subsequently it was appropriated by the Saviour, and was the favorite term by which he chose to speak of himself, Matthew 8:20; Matthew 9:6; Matthew 10:23; Matthew 11:19; Matthew 12:8, Matthew 12:32, Matthew 12:40, et al.

Having on his head a golden crown - Appropriate to him as king. It was mainly in virtue of his kingly power and office that the work was to be done which John is now about to describe.

And in his hand a sharp sickle - The word “sickle” here - d?e´pa??? drepanon- means a crooked knife or scythe for gathering the harvest, or vintage, by cutting off the clusters of grapes. See Revelation 14:17. The image of a harvest is often employed in the New Testament to describe moral subjects, Matthew 9:37-38; Matthew 13:30, Matthew 13:39; Mark 4:29; Luke 10:2; John 4:35. Here the reference is to the consummation of all things, when the great harvest of the world will be reaped, and when all the enemies of the church will be cut off - for that is the grand idea which is kept before the mind in this chapter. In various forms, and by various images, that idea had already been presented to the mind, but here it is introduced in a grand closing image; as if the grain of the harvest-field were gathered in - illustrating the reception of the righteous into the kingdom - and the fruit of the vineyard were thrown into the wine-press, representing the manner in which the wicked would be crushed, Revelation 14:19-20.

bloody return biblical Jesus

Verse 20
And the wine-press was trodden without the city - The representation was made as if it were outside of the city - that is, the city of Jerusalem, for that is represented as the abode of the holy. The word “trodden” refers to the manner in which wine was usually prepared, by being trodden by the feet of people. See the notes on Isaiah 63:2. The wine-press was usually in the vineyard - not in the city - and this is the representation here. As appearing to the eye of John, it was not within the walls of any city, but standing without.

And blood came out of the wine-press - The representation is, that there would be a great destruction which would be well represented by the juice flowing from a wine-press.

Even unto the horse bridles - Deep, as blood would be in a field of slaughter where it would come up to the very bridles of the horses. The idea is, that there would be a great slaughter.

By the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs - That is, two hundred miles; covering a space of two hundred miles square - a lake of blood. This is designed to represent a great slaughter; but why the space here employed to describe it was chosen is unknown. Some have supposed it was in allusion to the length of Palestine. Prof. Stuart supposes that it refers to the breadth of Italy, and that the allusion is to the attack made on the city of the beast. But it is impossible to determine why this space was chosen, and it is unnecessary. The idea is, that there would be a slaughter so great, as it were, as to produce a lake or sea of blood; that the enemies of the church would be completely and finally overthrown, and that the church, therefore, delivered from all its enemies, would be triumphant.

The “design” of this, as of the previous representations in this chapter, is to show that all the enemies of God will be destroyed, and that, therefore, the hearts of the friends of religion should be cheered and consoled in the trials and persecutions which were to come upon it. What could be better suited to sustain the church in the time of trial, than the assurance that every foe will be ultimately cut off? What is better suited to sustain the heart of the individual believer, than the assurance that all his foes will be quelled, and that he will ere long be safe in heaven?

bloody return biblical Jesus

bloody return biblical Jesus

Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible
Revelation book 's commentary
للمزيد من مواضيعي


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S أفحص الملف المرفق بأي برنامج مضاد للفيروسات
S قم بمراسلة مشرف القسم بخصوص أي مرفق يوجد به فيروس
S منتديات كلمة سواء الدعوية للحوار الإسلامي المسيحي غير مسؤولة عن ما يحتويه المرفق من بيانات

Signature of * إسلامي عزّي *

لوقا 3:8 ترجمة سميث وفاندايك

وَيُوَنَّا امْرَأَةُ خُوزِي وَكِيلِ هِيرُودُسَ وَسُوسَنَّةُ وَأُخَرُ كَثِيرَاتٌ كُنَّ يَخْدِمْنَهُ
مِنْ أَمْوَالِهِنَّ.


أنقر(ي) فضلاً على الصّورة أدناه :

سُبحان الذي يـُطعـِمُ ولا يُطعَم ،
منّ علينا وهدانا ، و أعطانا و آوانا ،
وكلّ بلاء حسن أبلانا ،
الحمدُ لله حمداً حمداً ،
الحمدُ لله حمداً يعدلُ حمدَ الملائكة المُسبّحين ، و الأنبياء و المُرسلين ،
الحمدُ لله حمدًا كثيراً طيّبا مُطيّبا مُباركاً فيه ، كما يُحبّ ربّنا و يرضى ،
اللهمّ لكَ الحمدُ في أرضك ، ولك الحمدُ فوق سماواتك ،
لكَ الحمدُ حتّى ترضى ، ولكَ الحمدُ إذا رضيتَ ، ولكَ الحمدُ بعد الرضى ،
اللهمّ لك الحمدُ حمداً كثيراً يملأ السماوات العلى ، يملأ الأرض و مابينهما ،
تباركتَ ربّنا وتعالَيتَ .

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