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لماذا أبي و أمي رفضوني بعد إسلامي !؟ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          إثبت ألوهية يسوع و رجّعني للمسيحية ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          هل يشمل العهد الإبراهيمي إسماعيل و نسله ؟؟؟ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تحقق نبوءة ظهور الكاسيات العاريات (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          مسيحيون حوّلوا قبلتهم تجاه الكعبة ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          وهو يُطعِمُ ولا يُطعَم (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة ترنمية خاشعة من سورة الكهف (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الرجاء و الدواء ليسوا في الفداء و يسوع يحسم قضية الملكوت (الكاتـب : الشهاب الثاقب - )           »          تواضروس يشكك في النور المقدّس !!! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الهولي بايبل و شريعة حصار و إبادة المُدن ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          بكاء القمص إرميا بولس بسبب سن زواج أم النور و أيضا داود النبي (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الإملاك , ردا على النصارى (الكاتـب : كرم عثمان - Last Post : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          ما حقيقة العلاقة التي جمعت أم النور بيوسف النجار ؟؟ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          سورة القيامة : القارئ إسلام صبحي (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة من سورتي النمل و القصص : الشيخ القارئ عبد الله الجهني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة من سورتي العنكبوت و الروم : الشيخ القارئ عبد الله الجهني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة من سورتي فاطر و يس : الشيخ القارئ عبد الله الجهني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة من سورة الملك : الشيخ القارئ عبد الله الجهني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          هل نبوءة إشعياء 7 : 14 تخص المصلوب ؟؟؟ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          من يدفع لأجل خطايا الكنيسة ؟؟؟ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )

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Default Is Jesus God's Son ? or God's Servant?

Jesus spoke Galilean Aramaic which we all know, and in Jerusalem they spoke Judean Aramaic and there is a difference in words and dialect.
Talya ALAHA in J.Aramaic means "son of God", in the tongue of jesus (p )"G.Aramaic" and his disciples it means "Servant of God", both child & son can be traced back to the greek word "UIOV".
Now if we translate "UIOV" back to Galilean Aramaic we would of got Servant of God, but xtian scholars chose to translate it into Judean Aramaic.
so when he says "I am the Talya Alaha" in his tongue it means "i am the Servant of God" and not "i am the son of God" John 10:36 and 19:7 proves there was confusion.
"Talya Alaha" in J.Aramaic can also mean "Lamb of God".

So why does the Bible only focus on the Jewish Aramaic translation when jesus (pbuh) was a Galilean Aramaic speaker?

Considering jesus was accepted in Galilee, i presume because they understood him to be a servant of God, and rejected in Judea i assume because he was regarded as making claims to be the Son of God, and he himself was confused at this (John 10:36)

And accordance of first ever Christian Church Order "Didache" with the Koran

"The Didache" or "Teaching of the Apostles" turns jesus out as Muslim and no Christian

“…the world-deceiver {shall appear} as a son of God;” (Didache 16:8)

Note: son of God refers to anti christ, dear christians who believe that jesus is son of God: muslims or christians or jews?

Jesus God's God's Servant?

للمزيد من مواضيعي


الموضوع الأصلي : Is Jesus God's Son ? or God's Servant?     -||-     المصدر : مُنتَدَيَاتُ كَلِمَةٍ سَوَاءِ الدَّعَويِّة     -||-     الكاتب : Makaveli1992

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Default Affirming God's might, greatness, glory

Affirming God's might, greatness, glory
The Arab idolaters of the past used to claim that the angels were God’s daughters, while Christ-worshippers made the same claim for Jesus. The whole universe shudders as such false claims are alleged, because monotheism is inherent in the nature of the whole universe.
They say: ‘The Most Merciful has taken to Himself a son!’ Indeed you have said a most monstrous falsehood, at which the heavens might be rent into fragments, and the earth be split asunder, and the mountains fall down in ruins! That people should ascribe a son to the Most Merciful, although it is inconceivable that the Most Merciful should take to Himself son. (Maryam, ayat 88-92)
The very sound of these ayat and their rhythm add to the air of anger at this false claim. In fact the whole universe rejects this claim most vehemently. It shudders and quivers with abhorrence as it hears this falsehood against God Almighty. It is a reaction similar to that of a person who feels that his very integrity is attacked, or that the honesty of someone he loves is assailed. The shudder is common to the heavens, the earth and the mountains. In their beat, the words here show the movement of a violent quake.

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god's, jesus, servant?

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