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Default The truth is so obvious and simple

The truth is so obvious and simple

truth obvious simple
The truth is so obvious and simple

You must have heard it said that we were born in sin – and perhaps you even believe that. But let’s think about that for a moment. Would the Just God blame you for a sin you never committed? Would He hold you responsible for what someone else did?

Definitely not! God’s book teaches that you are responsible for only your own actions. You cannot sin until you do something wrong. And you certainly could not have done wrong before you were even born.

Yet we often meet people who say that we are somehow born in sin.

Could that possibly be true? They say that the first human being, Adam, sinned and through him sin entered the world

and now sin corrupts everything, including every newborn baby.

Can you believe that human beings are condemned before they do anything?

Which judge would condemn people for crimes they never committed?

A just judge cannot do that except by mistake. But what about God?

Would He make such a mistake? We cannot imagine such false ideas about God.
He is Just. He holds you responsible for what you do, and He does not blame you for what the first human being did!!!!!!

. But, even after you do wrong, God is always willing to forgive. He is full of loving kindness, and He loves to forgive. He is willing to forgive anyone who turns to Him and seeks forgiveness. This means that if you did something wrong you can still turn back to God and He will forgive you, if you sincerely decide to give up that sin.

Isn’t this refreshing to know? Isn’t it wonderful to know that even if we lived a whole life of sin but we decide now to change our lives and obey God He would forgive us this minute?

And that’s just between us and God.

We don’t need any
confession box


we don’t need anyone to suffer for our sins.

Can we resist the loving kindness that God is offering us?

God wants us to know about His love.

He wants us to know that He is Just.

He wants us to know the truth about Him so that when we turn to Him we know to Whom we are turning. But there
is so much misinformation about God.

Where can we get correct information about Him?

God told us about Himself in His book. We owe it to ourselves to see what God has to say about Himself.

Shouldn’t you be reading God’s book? Here’s God’s message to you in His book : O mankind! Now has a proof from your Lord come unto you, and We have sent down unto you a clear light;

as for those who believe in God and hold fast unto Him, them will He cause to enter into His Mercy and Grace, and will guide them unto Him by a straight road. (Qur’an 4:174-175). The Qur’an is God’s final book, which He revealed for the guidance of all humankind.

An article of One Minute Messages, written by Brother

Abdarraouf Shakir.

للمزيد من مواضيعي


الموضوع الأصلي : The truth is so obvious and simple     -||-     المصدر : مُنتَدَيَاتُ كَلِمَةٍ سَوَاءِ الدَّعَويِّة     -||-     الكاتب : كلمة سواء

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Thanks a lot, sister
May Allah reward you

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obvious, simple, truth

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