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Default Benefits of Islam

Islam provides many benefits for the individual and the society.
The following text mentions some of the benefits gained through
Islam for the individual.

(1) The Door to Eternal Paradise

God has said in the Qur’an:

And give good news (O Muhammad) to
those who believe and do good deeds, that
they will have gardens (Paradise) in which
rivers flow.... (Qur’an, 2:25)

God has also said:

Race one with another for forgiveness from
your Lord and for Paradise, whose width is
as the width of the heavens and the earth,
which has been prepared for those who believe
in God and His messengers.... (Qur’an,

The Prophet Muhammad told us that the lowest in rank
among the dwellers of Paradise will have ten times the like of this
world,1 and he or she will have whatever he or she desires and ten
times like it.2 Also, the Prophet Muhammad said: { A space
in Paradise equivalent to the size of a foot would be better
than the world and what is in it. }3 He also said: { In Paradise
there are things which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and
no human mind has thought of. }4 He also said: { The most
miserable man in the world of those meant for Paradise will be dipped once in Paradise. Then he will be asked: “Son of
Adam, did you ever face any misery? Did you ever experience
any hardship?” So he will say: “No, by God, O Lord! I never
faced any misery, and I never experienced any hardship.” }1
If you enter Paradise, you will live a very happy life without
sickness, pain, sadness, or death; God will be pleased with you;
and you will live there forever.
God has said in the Qur’an:

But those who believe and do good deeds,
We will admit them to gardens (Paradise) in
which rivers flow, lasting in them forever....
(Qur’an, 4:57)

(2) Salvation from Hellfire

God has said in the Qur’an:

Those who have disbelieved and died in
disbelief, the earth full of gold would not be
accepted from any of them if one offered it as
a ransom. They will have a painful punishment,
and they will have no helpers.
(Qur’an, 3:91)

So, this life is our only chance to win Paradise and to escape
from Hellfire, because if someone dies in disbelief, he will not have
another chance to come back to this world to believe. As God has
said in the Qur’an about what is going to happen for the unbelievers
on the Day of Judgment:
If you could but see when they are set before
the Fire (Hell) and say: “Would that we might
return (to the world)! Then we would not
reject the verses of our Lord, but we would
be of the believers!” (Qur’an, 6:27)

But no one will have this second opportunity

(3) Real Happiness and Inner Peace

Real happiness and peace can be
found in submitting to the commands of
the Creator and the Sustainer of this
world. God has said in the Qur’an:

Truly, in remembering
God do hearts find rest.
(Qur’an, 13:28)

On the other hand, the one who
turns away from the Qur’an will have a
life of hardship in this world. God has

But whoever turns away from the Qur’an,2
he will have a hard life, and We will raise him
up blind on the Day of Judgment. (Qur’an,

This may explain why some people commit suicide while they
enjoy the material comfort money can buy. For example, look at
Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam), formerly a famous pop singer who
used to earn sometimes more than $150,000 a night. After he
converted to Islam, he found true happiness and peace, which he
had not found in material success

(4) Forgiveness for All Previous Sins

When someone converts to Islam, God forgives all of his
previous sins and evil deeds. A man called Amr came to the
Prophet Muhammad and said: “Give me your right hand so
that I may give you my pledge of loyalty.”

The Prophet stretched out his right hand. Amr withdrew his hand. The
Prophet said: { What has happened to you, O Amr? } He
replied: “I intend to lay down a condition.” The Prophet
asked: { What condition do you intend to put forward? } Amr
said: “That God forgive my sins.” The Prophet said:
{ Didn’t you know that converting to islam erases all previous
sins? }2
After converting to Islam, the person will be rewarded for his
or her good and bad deeds according to the following saying of the
Prophet Muhammad : { Your Lord, Who is blessed and exalted,
is most merciful. If someone intends to do a good deed
but does not do it, a good deed will be recorded for him. And
if he does do it, (a reward of) ten to seven hundred or many
more times (the reward of the good deed), will be recorded for
him. And if someone intends to do a bad deed but does not do
it, a good deed will be recorded for him. And if he does do it, a
bad deed will be recorded against him or God will wipe it out. }

للمزيد من مواضيعي


الموضوع الأصلي : Benefits of Islam     -||-     المصدر : مُنتَدَيَاتُ كَلِمَةٍ سَوَاءِ الدَّعَويِّة     -||-     الكاتب : MrWyvern

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