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Default Is Jesus God in the Quran?

Is jesus God in the Quran?
As the world continues to move into the future, the arguments Islam keep on comming non stop, most of these arguments against Islam are usually the same out-dated ones that have been adressed time and time again, you can hardly find any new arguments against Islam which have not been brought up in the past. Most of these arguments have also been adressed by Islamic scholars living hundreds of years ago as well. In this article I will seek one argument that is brought up by Christians against Islam, the argument is that jesus is God according to the Quran. Yes, it is a strange one, but it seems Christians will go at any length to try and discredit Islam. Here is the verse that many Christians often love to bring up to prove their case:

YUSUFALI: "And (appoint him) a messenger to the Children of Israel, (with this message): "'I have come to you, with a Sign from your Lord, in that I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by Allah's leave: And I heal those born blind, and the lepers, and I quicken the dead, by Allah's leave; and I declare to you what ye eat, and what ye store in your houses. Surely therein is a Sign for you if ye did believe;Christians love to bring this verse up time and time again. Their main point is that jesus breathed life into an object and it became alive. They claim that only God can give life.

The most ironic thing about this argument is that the verse itself refutes the Christian claim! Had the Christians read better they would have noticed the first words that jesus said before he performed such a great miracle:

YUSUFALI: "And (appoint him) a messenger to the Children of Israel, (with this message): "'I have come to you, with a Sign from your Lord,

So even before jesus performs the miracle he tells the people that it is from God! How could the Christians miss that out? So jesus is basically telling the people I am comming with a miracle from the Lord, after saying this jesus then performs the miracle hence making it clear that isnt really him doing this great work but it is God! How could the Christians not read that?! jesus makes sure he says that so people wouldnt take him as a God! Sadly it seems that the Christians want to ignore him saying that and just concentrate on the miracle. That in itself is enough to refute the Christian argument. However so there is even more:

YUSUFALI: "And (appoint him) a messenger to the Children of Israel, (with this message): "'I have come to you, with a Sign from your Lord, in that I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by Allah's leave

So jesus is saying this miracle happens by Allah's permission! Allah is granting jesus this great miracle, it is not really Jesus' breath that is giving life, it is the fact that Allah is allowing Jesus' his breath to grant life! jesus could breath into anything he wants, this wouldnt mean the things he breathes into becomes alive, it is only Allah's will and power that allows Jesus' breath to grant life. So Christians should really examine what the verse acutally says, because this verse refutes the Christian argument twice!

Another verse Christians like to bring up is:

PICKTHAL: (And remember) when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a word from him, whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, illustrious in the world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near (unto Allah).

Christians like to bring this up because the verse says that jesus is the Messiah. To begin with, jesus being called the Messiah is a title of honor, secondly no where in the Quran is the term Messiah reffered to as God, there is no concept of the Messiah being God in Islam.

Thirdly, even in Christianity being the Messiah doesnt make you God! This definition is a Christian myth, being a Messiah does not make you God, Messiah means the annoited one, the saviour, the one who come and save the Jew. The Messiah does not mean God.


Taken from +it!&Language=ENG

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the Messiah whose coming is prophesied in the Old Testament.

Content Under License from Crystal Reference, copyright 2003.

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From The AND Dictionary

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1. The Messiah whose coming is prophesied in the Old Testament.
2. jesus of Nazareth, or jesus Christ, believed by Christians to be the Messiah.
3. A figure or picture of Jesus.

Non of the definitions of Christ is God. It is simply the Messiah, therefore we must now see what the Messiah means, and if the Jews believed the Messiah would be God.


Taken from

Mes·si·ah (m-s) KEY


1. also Mes·si·as (m-ss) KEY The anticipated savior of the Jews.
2. also Messias Christianity Jesus.
3. messiah One who is anticipated as, regarded as, or professes to be a savior or liberator.

Taken from

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Christianity jesus Christ.


someone who sets a country or a people free.


Judaism the king of the Jews still to be sent by God to free his people and restore Israel.

Again, non of the definitions of the Messiah means God, Christ simply means Messiah, Messiah simply means savior.

Now we must see if the Jews thought the Messiah would be God:

Taken from

The predominant Jewish understanding of moshiach ("the messiah") is based on the writings of Maimonides, (the Rambam). His views on the messiah are discussed in his Mishneh Torah, his 14 volume compendium of Jewish law, in the section Hilkhot Melakhim Umilchamoteihem, chapter 11. Maimonides writes:

"The anointed King ("HaMelekh HaMoshiach") is destined to stand up and restore the Davidic Kingdom to its antiquity, to the first sovereignty. He will build the Temple in Jerusalem and gather the strayed ones of Israel together. All laws will return in his days as they were before: Sacrificial offerings are offered and the Sabbatical years and Jubilees are kept, according to all its precepts that are mentioned in the Torah. Whoever does not believe in him, or whoever does not wait for his coming, not only does he defy the other prophets, but also the Torah and our Rabbi Moses. For the Torah testifies about him, thus: "And the Lord Your God will return your returned ones and will show you mercy and will return and gather you... If your strayed one shall be at the edge of Heaven... And He shall bring you" etc." (Deuteronomy 30:3-5).

"These words that are explicitly stated in the Torah, encompass and include all the words spoken by all the prophets. In the section of Torah referring to Bala'am, too, it is stated, and there he prophesied about the two anointed ones: The first anointed one is David, who saved Israel from all their oppressors; and the last anointed one will stand up from among his descendants and saves Israel in the end. This is what he says (Numbers 24:17-18): "I see him but not now" - this is David; "I behold him but not near" - this is the Anointed King. "A star has shot forth from Jacob" - this is David; "And a brand will rise up from Israel" - this is the Anointed King. "And he will smash the edges of Moab" - This is David, as it states: "...And he struck Moab and measured them by rope" (II Samuel 8:2); "And he will uproot all Children of Seth" - this is the Anointed King, of whom it is stated: "And his reign shall be from sea to sea" (Zechariah 9:10). "And Edom shall be possessed" - this is David, thus: "And Edom became David's as slaves etc." (II Samuel 8:6); "And Se'ir shall be possessed by its enemy" - this is the Anointed King, thus: "And saviors shall go up Mount Zion to judge Mount Esau, and the Kingdom shall be the Lord's" (Obadiah 1:21)."

"And by the Towns of Refuge it states: "And if the Lord your God will widen up your territory... you shall add on for you another three towns" etc. (Deuteronomy 19:8-9). Now this thing never happened; and the Holy One does not command in vain. But as for the words of the prophets, this matter needs no proof, as all their books are full with this issue."

"Do not imagine that the anointed King must perform miracles and signs and create new things in the world or resurrect the dead and so on. The matter is not so: For Rabbi Akiba was a great scholar of the sages of the Mishnah, and he was the assistant-warrior of the king Ben Coziba, and claimed that he was the anointed king. He and all the Sages of his generation deemed him the anointed king, until he was killed by sins; only since he was killed, they knew that he was not. The Sages asked him neither a miracle nor a sign..."

"And if a king shall stand up from among the House of David, studying Torah and indulging in commandments like his father David, according to the written and oral Torah, and he will coerce all Israel to follow it and to strengthen its weak points, and will fight Hashem's wars, this one is to be treated as if he were the anointed one. If he succeeded {and won all nations surrounding him. Old prints and mss.} and built a Holy Temple in its proper place and gathered the strayed ones of Israel together, this is indeed the anointed one for certain, and he will mend the entire world to worship the Lord together, as it is stated: "For then I shall turn for the nations a clear tongue, to call all in the Name of the Lord and to worship Him with one shoulder" (Zephaniah 3:9)."

"But if he did not succeed until now, or if he was killed, it becomes known that he is not this one of whom the Torah had promised us, and he is indeed like all proper and wholesome kings of the House of David who died. The Holy One, Blessed Be He, only set him up to try the public by him, thus: "And from the seekers of wisdom there shall stumble, to purify among them and to clarify and to brighten until the time of the ending, for there is yet to the set time" (Daniel 11:35)."

Taken from

In Judaism, who is the Messiah?

The messiah is a G-d fearing, pious Jew, who is both a great Torah scholar and a great leader as well. He is a direct descendent of King David, and will be anointed as the new Jewish King. (In fact, the Hebrew word for messiah - "Moshiach" - means "anointed one.").

When the messiah comes, there will be a universal recognition of the truth of Torah and the G-d Who gave that Torah at Mount Sinai. All Jews will return to the Land of Israel, where they will throw off the yoke of their enemies and undergo a complete spiritual revival. They will embrace the faith of their forefathers and dedicate themselves to G-d's service forever.

They will re-build the Holy Temple, from where the Divine presence will shine forth, spreading the light of truth, justice, tolerance and peace throughout the world.

Taken from

The Moshiach

The moshiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The moshiach is often referred to as "moshiach ben David" (moshiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments. (Isaiah 11:2-5) He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being.

It has been said that in every generation, a person is born with the potential to be the moshiach. If the time is right for the messianic age within that person's lifetime, then that person will be the moshiach. But if that person dies before he completes the mission of the moshiach, then that person is not the moshiach.

So where Christians get the idea that being called a Messiah makes you God just baffles me.

Finally Christians also always like to bring this verse up:

S. 4:171 we are told:

"O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ jesus the Son of Mary was a messenger of Allah, and His Word (Kalimatuhu), which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him (Ruhun-Minhu): so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not 'three': desist."

Christians claim that since jesus is a word and spirit of Allah then this means he is God, well Islamic scholars already adressed this, I quote you Ibn Kathir:

Allah forbids the People of the Scriptures from going to extremes in religion, which is a common trait of theirs, especially among the Christians. The Christians exaggerated over `Isa until they elevated him above the grade that Allah gave him. They elevated him from the rank of prophethood to being a god, whom they worshipped just as they worshipped Allah. They exaggerated even more in the case of those who they claim were his followers, claiming that they were inspired, thus following every word they uttered whether true or false, be it guidance or misguidance, truth or lies. This is why Allah said,

[ÇÊøóÎóÐõæÇú ÃóÍúÈóÜÑóåõãú æóÑõåúÈóÜäóåõãú ÃóÑúÈóÇÈÇð ãøöä Ïõæäö Çááøóåö]

(They took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah.) Imam Ahmad recorded that Ibn `Abbas said that `Umar said that the Messenger of Allah said,

«áóÇ ÊõØúÑõæäöí ßóãóÇ ÃóØúÑóÊö ÇáäøóÕóÇÑóìö ÚöíÓóì ÇÈúäó ãóÑúíóãó. ÝóÅöäøóãóÇ ÃóäóÇ ÚóÈúÏñÝóÞõæáõæÇ: ÚóÈúÏõÇááåö æóÑóÓõæáõå»

(Do not unduly praise me like the Christians exaggerated over `Isa, son of Maryam. Verily, I am only a servant, so say, `Allah's servant and His Messenger.') This is the wording of Al-Bukhari. Imam Ahmad recorded that Anas bin Malik said that a man once said, "O Muhammad! You are our master and the son of our master, our most righteous person and the son of our most righteous person...'' The Messenger of Allah said,

«íóÇ ÃóíøõåóÇ ÇáäøóÇÓõ Úóáóíúßõãú ÈöÞóæúáößõãú¡ æóáóÇ íóÓúÊóåúæöíóäøóßõãõ ÇáÔøóíúØóÇäõ¡ÃóäóÇ ãõÍóãøóÏõ Èúäõ ÚóÈúÏöÇááåö¡ ÚóÈúÏõÇááåö æóÑóÓõæáõåõ¡ æóÇááåö ãóÇ ÃõÍöÈøõ Ãóäú ÊóÑúÝóÚõæäöí ÝóæúÞó ãóäúÒöáóÊöí ÇáøóÊöí ÃóäúÒóáóäöí Çááåõ ÚóÒøó æóÌóá»

(O people! Say what you have to say, but do not allow Shaytan to trick you. I am Muhammad bin `Abdullah, Allah's servant and Messenger. By Allah! I do not like that you elevate me above the rank that Allah has granted me.) Allah's statement,

[æóáÇó ÊóÞõæáõæÇú Úóáóì Çááøóåö ÅöáÇøó ÇáúÍóÞøó]

(nor say of Allah except the truth.) means, do not lie and claim that Allah has a wife or a son, Allah is far holier than what they attribute to Him. Allah is glorified, praised, and honored in His might, grandure and greatness, and there is no deity worthy of worship nor Lord but Him. Allah said;

[ÅöäøóãóÇ ÇáúãóÓöíÍõ ÚöíÓóì ÇÈúäõ ãóÑúíóãó ÑóÓõæáõ Çááøóåö æóßóáöãóÊõåõ ÃóáúÞóÜåóÇ Åöáóì ãóÑúíóãó æóÑõæÍñ ãøöäúåõ]

(Al-Masih `Isa, son of Maryam, was (no more than) a Messenger of Allah and His Word, which He bestowed on Maryam and a spirit from [created by] Him;) `Isa is only one of Allah's servants and one of His creatures. Allah said to him, `Be', and he was, and He sent him as a Messenger. `Isa was a word from Allah that He bestowed on Maryam, meaning He created him with the word `Be' that He sent with Jibril to Maryam. Jibril blew the life of `Isa into Maryam by Allah's leave, and `Isa came to existence as a result. This incident was in place of the normal conception between man and woman that results in children. This is why `Isa was a word and a Ruh (spirit) created by Allah, as he had no father to conceive him. Rather, he came to existence through the word that Allah uttered, `Be,' and he was, through the life that Allah sent with Jibril. Allah said,

[ãøóÇ ÇáúãóÓöíÍõ ÇÈúäõ ãóÑúíóãó ÅöáÇøó ÑóÓõæáñ ÞóÏú ÎóáóÊú ãöä ÞóÈúáöåö ÇáÑøõÓõáõ æóÃõãøõåõ ÕöÏøöíÞóÉñ ßóÇäóÇ íóÃúßõáÇóäö ÇáØøóÚóÇãó]

(Al-Masih [`Isa], son of Maryam, was no more than a Messenger; many were the Messengers that passed away before him. His mother [Maryam] was a Siddiqah. They both ate food.) And Allah said,

[Åöäøó ãóËóáó ÚöíÓóì ÚöäÏó Çááøóåö ßóãóËóáö ÁóÇÏóãó ÎóáóÞóåõ ãöä ÊõÑóÇÈò Ëõãøó ÞóÇáó áóåõ ßõä Ýóíóßõæäõ ]

(Verily, the likeness of `Isa before Allah is the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then (He) said to him: "Be! Ü and he was.)

[æóÇáøóÊöì ÃóÍúÕóäóÊú ÝóÑúÌóåóÇ ÝóäóÝóÎúäóÇ ÝöíåóÇ ãöä ÑøõæÍöäóÇ æóÌóÚóáúäóÜåóÇ æóÇÈúäóåó ÁóÇíóÉð áøöáúÚóÜáóãöíäó ]

(And she who guarded her chastity, We breathed into her (garment) and We made her and her son [`Isa] a sign for all that exits.) (21:91)

[æóãóÑúíóãó ÇÈúäóÉó ÚöãúÑóÇäó ÇáøóÊöì ÃóÍúÕóäóÊú ÝóÑúÌóåóÇ]

(And Maryam, the daughter of `Imran who guarded her chastity,) and Allah said concerning the Messiah,

[Åöäú åõæó ÅöáÇøó ÚóÈúÏñ ÃóäúÚóãúäóÇ Úóáóíúåö]

(He [`Isa] was not more than a servant. We granted Our favor to him.)

The Meaning of "His Word and a spirit from Him

`Abdur-Razzaq narrated that Ma`mar said that Qatadah said that the Ayah,

[æóßóáöãóÊõåõ ÃóáúÞóÜåóÇ Åöáóì ãóÑúíóãó æóÑõæÍñ ãøöäúåõ]

(And His Word, which He bestowed on Maryam and a spirit from [created by] Him;) means, He said,


(Be) and he was. Ibn Abi Hatim recorded that Ahmad bin Sinan Al-Wasiti said that he heard Shadh bin Yahya saying about Allah's statement,

[æóßóáöãóÊõåõ ÃóáúÞóÜåóÇ Åöáóì ãóÑúíóãó æóÑõæÍñ ãøöäúåõ]

(and His Word, which He bestowed on Maryam and a spirit from [created by] Him;) "`Isa was not the word. Rather, `Isa came to existence because of the word.'' Al-

Bukhari recorded that `Ubadah bin As-Samit said that the Prophet said,

«ãóäú ÔóåöÏó Ãóäú áóÇ Åöáåó ÅöáøóÇ Çááåõ¡ æóÍúÏóåõ áóÇ ÔóÑöíßó áóåõ¡ æóÃóäøó ãõÍóãøóÏðÇ ÚóÈúÏõåõ æóÑóÓõæáõåõ¡ æóÃóäøó ÚöíÓóì ÚóÈúÏõÇááåö æóÑóÓõæáõåõ æóßóáöãóÊõåõ ÃóáúÞóÇåóÇ Åöáì ãóÑúíóãó æóÑõæÍñ ãöäúåõ¡ æóÃóäøó ÇáúÌóäøóÉó ÍóÞøñ¡ æóÇáäøóÇÑó ÍóÞøñ¡ ÃóÏúÎóáóåõ Çááåõ ÇáúÌóäøóÉó Úóáóì ãóÇ ßóÇäó ãöäó ÇáúÚóãóá»

(If anyone testifies that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah Alone Who has no partners, and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, and that `Isa is Allah's servant and Messenger and His Word which He bestowed on Maryam and a spirit created by Him, and that Paradise is true and Hell is true, then Allah will admit him into Paradise with the deeds which he performed.) In another narration, the Prophet said,

«ãöäú ÃóÈúæóÇÈö ÇáúÌóäøóÉö ÇáËøóãóÇäöíøóÉö íóÏúÎõáõ ãöäú ÃóíøöåóÇ ÔóÇÁ»

(...through any of the eight doors of Paradise he wishes.) Muslim also recorded it. Therefore, `Ruh from Allah', in the Ayah and the Hadith is similar to Allah's statement,

[æóÓóÎøóÑó áóßõãú ãøóÇ Ýöì ÇáÓøóãóÜæóÊö æóãóÇ Ýöì ÇáÇøñÑúÖö ÌóãöíÚÇð ãøöäúåõ]

(And has subjected to you all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth; it is all from Him.) meaning, from His creation. `from Him' does not mean that it is a part of Him, as the Christians claim, may Allah's continued curses be upon them. Saying that something is from Allah, such as the spirit of Allah, the she-camel of Allah or the House of Allah, is meant to honor such items. Allah said,

[åóÜÐöåö äóÇÞóÉõ Çááøóåö]

(This is the she-camel of Allah...) and,

[æóØóåøöÑú ÈóíúÊöìó áöáØøóÂÆöÝöíäó]

(and sanctify My House for those who circumambulate it.) An authentic Hadith states,

«ÝóÃóÏúÎõáõ Úóáóì ÑóÈøöí Ýöí ÏóÇÑöå»

(I will enter on my Lord in His Home) All these examples are meant to honor such items when they are attributed to Allah in this manner. Allah said,

[ÝóÜóÇãöäõæÇú ÈöÇááøóåö æóÑóÓõæáöåö]

(so believe in Allah and His Messengers.) believe that Allah is One and Alone and that He does not have a son or wife. Know and be certain that `Isa is the servant and Messenger of Allah. Allah said after that,

[æóáÇó ÊóÞõæáõæÇú ËóáóÜËóÉñ]

(Say not: "Three!") do not elevate `Isa and his mother to be gods with Allah. Allah is far holier than what they attribute to Him. In Surat Al-Ma'idah (chapter 5), Allah said,

[áøóÞóÏú ßóÝóÑó ÇáøóÐöíäó ÞóÇáõæÇú Åöäøó Çááøóåó ËóÜáöËõ ËóáóÜËóÉò æóãóÇ ãöäú ÅöáóÜåò ÅöáÇøó ÅöáóÜåñ æóÍöÏñ]

(Surely, disbelievers are those who said: "Allah is the third of the three.'' But there is none who has the right to be worshipped but One God.) Allah said by the end of the same Surah,

[æóÅöÐú ÞóÇáó Çááøóåõ íÚöíÓóì ÇÈúäó ãóÑúíóãó ÃóÁóäÊó ÞõáÊó áöáäøóÇÓö ÇÊøóÎöÐõæäöì]

(And (remember) when Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection): "O `Isa, son of Maryam! Did you say unto men: `Worship me''') and in its beginning,

[áøóÞóÏú ßóÝóÑó ÇáøóÐöíäó ÞóÂáõæÇú Åöäøó Çááøóåó åõæó ÇáúãóÓöíÍõ ÇÈúäõ ãóÑúíóãó]

(Surely, in disbelief are they who say that Allah is the Messiah, son of Maryam.) The Christians, may Allah curse them, have no limit to their disbelief because of their ignorance, so their deviant statements and their misguidance grows. Some of them believe that `Isa is Allah, some believe that he is one in a trinity and some believe that he is the son of Allah. Their beliefs and creeds are numerous and contradict each other, prompting some people to say that if ten Christians meet, they would end up with eleven sects!

So jesus IS NOT GOD according to Islam, this is a Christian myth.

Praise Allah, jesus was a prophet of Allah! AMEEN.
للمزيد من مواضيعي


الموضوع الأصلي : Is Jesus God in the Quran?     -||-     المصدر : مُنتَدَيَاتُ كَلِمَةٍ سَوَاءِ الدَّعَويِّة     -||-     الكاتب : أبو حفص الأيوبي

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jesus, quran?

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