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ادْعُوا ربكُمْ تَضَرُّعًا وخُفْيَةً إنَّهُ لَا يُحبُّ المعتَدِين (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الأب مكاري يونان : لا كورونا ولا بورونا ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          طبّ الحروب في زمن الكورونا ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          بابا الفاتيكان يطلب من ربّه أن يستيقظ من أجل فيروس كورونا ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          Challenging the elders "Sheikhs" of Islam to prove the truth of Islam (الكاتـب : د. نيو - )           »          بالصور و الوثائق المسيحية: تبرئة عمرو ابن العاص من خرافة حريق مكتبة الأسكندرية (الكاتـب : د. نيو - )           »          بالصور: آباء الكنيسه يعتبرون الإستحمام عاده قبيحه !!!!!! (الكاتـب : د. نيو - )           »          مَّا خَلْقُكُمْ وَلَا بَعْثُكُمْ إِلَّا كَنَفْسٍ وَاحِدَةٍ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          سؤال جرىء من مشرف مسيحى خطير: إسلاميا: المسلمون يعبدون كم إله؟؟ (الكاتـب : د. نيو - Last Post : الشهاب الثاقب - )           »          FORTY YEAR CHRISTIAN MINISTER COLLEGE PROFESSOR ACCEPTS ISLAM (الكاتـب : د. نيو - )           »          تلاوة من سورة البقرة : الشيخ القارئ مختار الحاج (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الإفخاريستيا في زمن الكورونا : رسالة من كاهن قبطي بالمهجر (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          دعاء و مناجاة (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          معبود الكنيسة خايف من العدوى ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          النبيّ الخاتم و تحقق نبوءة تناقص عدد الرجال (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          ذَٰلِكَ الْفَضْلُ مِنَ اللَّهِ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          La prophétie est achevée ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          آريوس وبولس (الكاتـب : النسر المصرى - )           »          أريوس وبولس (الكاتـب : النسر المصرى - )           »          خلاصة أقوال الآباء في الجسد والتجسد..(ليس هو أقنومين بعد الإتحاد بل أقنوم واحد أقنوم الكلمة... (الكاتـب : ابن النعمان - )

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Default The Quran on Mountains

A book entitled Earth is a basic reference textbook in many universities around the world. One of its two authors is Professor Emeritus Frank Press. He was the Science Adviser to former US President Jimmy Carter, and for 12 years was the President of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC. His book says that mountains have underlying roots
These roots are deeply embedded in the ground, thus, mountains have a shape like a peg

Quran Mountains
Figure 7: mountains have deep roots under the surface of the ground. (Earth, Press and Siever, p. 413.)

Quran Mountains

Figure 8: Schematic section. The mountains, like pegs, have deep roots embedded in the ground. (Anatomy of the Earth, Cailleux, p. 220.)

Quran Mountains

Figure 9: Another illustration shows how the mountains are peg-like in shape, due to their deep roots. (Earth Science, Tarbuck and Lutgens, p. 158.)

This is how the quran has described mountains. God has said in the Quran
Quran Mountains Have We not made the earth as a bed, and the mountains as pegs? Quran Mountains (Quran, 78:6-7)
Modern earth sciences have proven that mountains have deep roots under the surface of the ground (see figure 9) and that these roots can reach several times their elevations above the surface of the ground.

So the most suitable word to describe mountains on the basis of this information is the word ‘peg,’ since most of a properly set peg is hidden under the surface of the ground. The history of science tells us that the theory of mountains having deep roots was introduced only in the latter half of the nineteenth century

Mountains also play an important role in stabilizing the crust of the earth.
They hinder the shaking of the earth. God has said in the Quran

Quran Mountains And He has set firm mountains in the earth so that it would not shake with you... Quran Mountains (Quran, 16:15)
Likewise, the modern theory of plate tectonics holds that mountains work as stabilizers for the earth. This knowledge about the role of mountains as stabilizers for the earth has just begun to be understood in the framework of plate tectonics since the late 1960’s

Could anyone during the time of the Prophet Muhammad Quran Mountains have known of the true shape of mountains? Quran MountainsCould anyone imagine that the solid massive mountain which he sees before him actually extends deep into the earth and has a root, as scientists assert? A large number of books of geology, when discussing mountains, only describe that part which is above the surface of the earth. This is because these books were not written by specialists in geology. However, modern geology has confirmed the truth of the Quranic verses.

للمزيد من مواضيعي


الموضوع الأصلي : The Quran on Mountains     -||-     المصدر : مُنتَدَيَاتُ كَلِمَةٍ سَوَاءِ الدَّعَويِّة     -||-     الكاتب : ارجو رحمة الله

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