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الهولي بايبل و معاملة النساء زمن الحروب و الصّراعات المسلّحة (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          إجابة عن سؤال : ماذا قدّم المسلمون للبشرية ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          المهتدي مويزو روتشيلد و رحلة من اليهودية إلى الإسلام (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          أسرار خطيرة عن التمويلات الكنَسية (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة مُباركة من سورة الزّمر : الشيخ إبراهيم أبو حجلة (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة مُباركة من سورة فاطر : الشيخ القارئ إياد عوني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الخمر و الحشيش و الدعارة في كتاب النصارى ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          سورةالزُمَر : الشيخ القارئ خالد بن محمد الرَّيَّاعي (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          سورة غافر : الشيخ القارئ خالد بن محمد الرَّيَّاعي (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          يهوه ينادي بالحج ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          إشهار إسلام الأخت مارتينا ممدوح (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          مصيبة عيد القيامة في الكنائس (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الأضحية هي قربان لله أم للأوثان ؟؟؟ (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الكنيسة الأرثوذكسية تصــرخ : هننقرض بعد 300 سنة ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          الكنيسة الأرثوذكسية تصــرخ : هننقرض بعد 300 سنة ! (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          زاهي حواس ينفي وجود ذكر للأنبياء في الآثار (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          ضربة لمعبود الكنيسة تعادل في نتائجها الآثار المرعبة لهجوم نووي (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          سؤال حيّر الأنبا رفائيل وجعله يهدم المسيحية (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة عذبة من سورة القلم : الشيخ القارئ عبدالله الجهني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )           »          تلاوة من سورتي السجدة و الإنسان : الشيخ القارئ عبد الله الجهني (الكاتـب : * إسلامي عزّي * - )

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_Before I tell the story of the history of the quran i would like to explain three things

Seven Diffrent
Before i start talking about the quran i would like to present you with the hadith of the prophet
muhammad (pbuh) :
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 513: SEVEN DIFFRENT Dialex OR (LETTERS)
Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas:
Allah's Apostle said, "Gabriel recited the Qur'an to me in one way. Then I requested him (to read it in another way), and continued asking him to recite it in other ways, and he recited it in several ways till he ultimately recited it in seven different ways."
And there was a dispute between some companians of the prophet(pbuh) before they heard that
the quran acommidated the diffrend Dielex and Accents of the arabs as what is stated in :

Narrated 'Umar bin Al-Khattab:
I heard Hisham bin Hakim reciting Surat Al-Furqan during the lifetime of Allah's Apostle and I listened to his recitation and noticed that he recited in several different ways which Allah's Apostle had not taught me. I was about to jump over him during his prayer, but I controlled my temper, and when he had completed his prayer, I put his upper garment around his neck and seized him by it and said, "Who taught you this Sura which I heard you reciting?" He replied, "Allah's Apostle taught it to me." I said, "You have told a lie, for Allah's Apostle has taught it to me in a different way from yours." So I dragged him to Allah's Apostle and said (to Allah's Apostle),
"I heard this person reciting Surat Al-Furqan in a way which you haven't taught me!" On that Allah's Apostle said, "Release him, (O 'Umar!) Recite, O Hisham!" Then he recited in the same way as I heard him reciting. Then Allah's Apostle said, "It was revealed in this way," and added, "Recite, O 'Umar!" I recited it as he had taught me. Allah's Apostle then said, "It was revealed in this way. This Qur'an has been revealed to be recited in seven different ways, so recite of it whichever (way) is easier for you (or read as much of it as may be easy for you)."

__________________________________________________ ______________________________
والنسخ عرفه العلماء بأنه: رفع الشارع حكماً منه متقدماً بحكم منه متأخر.

Al-Nasikh in the Arabic language is translated to english as Abrogation and its mean to
delete and overwrite , also mentioned in the quran {And if we Overwrite a verses with
another ...}, in the quran there are diffrent types of Abrogation: 
1-Abrogation of the veses and the command- given to the people in that verse.
Example: the hadith the mother of the believers Aisha (my gods belessing be upon her), it was
narrarated that she said :it was as part of the quran that was revealed '' ten brest feads as known
forbids..'' and they abrogated '' five brest feads as knowm...'' and the prophet died (pbuh) while it
was still being read as before the abrogation, and we know that if a verse and its commad is
abrogated then they can't be read in the prayers Nor implimented as a command because its
(completely abrogated)

2- Abrogation of the Verse with out the abrogation of the cammad in the verse .
Exsample: it was as part of the chapter of '' NOUR '' -light- the verse that used to say'' the
Alshaikho wal shaikahto-married man or women-, if they commit fornication then stone them as
a punishment from god ...'' But the command stands even though the verse was abrogated and
that why Umar (my gods belssing be upon him) said ; IF it was'nt for the people saying Umar
added something of the quran thats not from it , i would have done just that with my own hand.
Note: Not to many Abrogations in the quran like number one and two, they are few.

3-Abrogation of the Command with out the abrogation of the verese carrying the command.
Note: this type of Abrogation is commen in the quran and there are 63 verses abrogated like this
type of abrogation in the quran.
chapter(73:1-4) {O thou folded in garments!2-Stand (to prayer) by night, but not
all night,3- Half of it,- or a little less, 4-Or a little more; and recite the Qur'an in slow, measured
rhythmic tones}.it was abrogated with Chapter(73:20){ Thy Lord doth know that thou standest
forth (to prayer) nigh two-thirds of the night, or half the night, or a third of the night, and so doth
a party of t hose with thee. But God doth appoint night and day in due measure He knoweth
that ye are unable to keep count thereof. So He hath turned to you (in mercy): read ye, the
refore, of the Qur'an as much as may be easy for you...}
And that mean's that the Nightly (midnight) paryer became optional and not an oblegation any
more, although the verses 1-4 are still part of the quran.
I will try to present them 63 on the side notes to you so the christians would'nt say that all
of the quran is abrogated :)
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
 Allah's preservation of the holy quran as its found today;
The first type of preservation of the quran was a promised from god to preserve it in the hart of the
And the prophet used to recite fast after the angel gibreal, in fear that he might miss something from
Ibin Kathir says; Allah brought down these verses to reassure the prophet that allah will collected
in the prophets mind and hart.
the quran so allah comferted the prophet and revealed a verse :
TA-HA(20:114){ High above all is God ,the King, the Truth! Be not in haste with the Qur'an before its revelation to thee is completed, but say, "O my Lord! advance me in knowledge."}
And Also:AlQiyammah(75:16-17){Move not thy tongue concerning the (Qur'an) to make haste therewith.17- It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it:}
And just like the prophet (pbuh) used to be very busy with the quran, so were his compaians very
busy with the quran, few Examples:

To show some christians who have envy in their harts when they know that 9 milion muslims
world wide memorize the quran, and that the companians never god bored of reciting the quran
as these liars claim, i challange them to get 1 of their people JUST 1 who memorizes their
book by hart , or should i say books?
*Abdulallah bin Amr bin Al-Os , his wife came to the prophet and complained about him to the
prophet (peace be upon him), and told him that Abdullah is worshiping and reciting quran all
the time and he is forgeting that he has i wife, so the prophet asked him '' How do you recite''
he said; the Whole Quran in one night, then the prophet said:
«صم في كل شهر ثلاثة، واقرأ القرآن في كل شهر».
fast every month only 3 days and read the quran over a period of One month, the he asked the
prophet if he can atleast read the quran over a weak period not a whole month, and the prophet
then allowed him
... ext
The wife of Uthman Bin Affan Said about him after he was assassinated :'' He used to pray
the whole quran in one prayer all night
ABU-Bakir Bin Ayash < when he was on his death bed he saw his sister crying so he told
her don't worry my sister your brother read the quran 18,000 times in that cornar alone.
[ found in Almujma'a for Altabari]
Ubai Bin Kaib used to recitie the whole quran in 8 nights,While Tamim AL Dari used to finish it
in 7 nights, [vertues of the Quran by ibin kathir (1/165)]
And a whole lot more :)
And So the quran just like allah said was preseved by him:
-''fee lowhin mahfooz''
Al-Boroj (85.21){Nay, this is a Glorious Qur'an,22 -(Inscribed) in a Tablet Preserved!}
-the prophets hart
.(75:16-17){Move not thy tongue concerning the (Qur'an) to make haste therewith.17- It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it:}
- the people who memorized it throu out history by hart (companians and other that came later)
even nowadays about 9 million to say the least, Alqamar
(54.17) {And We have indeed made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?}
Fussilat (41:42)No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it: It is sent down by One Full of Wisdom, Worthy of all Praise.
- In a writen form ; the collection of it in writen form by Abubakir (raa) and others at the time of the
prophet like the hadith of
Anas Bin Malik was asked:"Who collected the Qur'an at the time of
the Prophet? "He replied, "Four, all of whom were from the Ansar: Ubai bin Ka'b, Mu'adh
bin Jabal, Zaid bin Thabit and Abu.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So what ever the prophet informed us of what is Quran, and if the prophet did not inform us,
or he Informed But was caused to forget-Him and the people around him- or they did'nt
forget, But the prophet (Pbuh)did Not command that it is to be written in the quran, then that
means its Abrogated by Allah, and is forbiden from being written as Quran .
وقال تعالى { إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحافظون } . وقال تعالى { سنقرئك فلا تنسى إلا ما شاء الله } وقال تعالى { ما ننسخ من آية أو ننسها نأت بخير منها أو مثلها } فصح أن الآيات التي ذهبت لو أمر رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بتبليغها لبلغها ، ولو بلغها لحفظت ، ولو حفظت ما ضرها موته ، كما لم يضر موته - عليه السلام - كل ما بلغ فقط من القرآن ، وإن كان عليه السلام لم يبلغ ، أو بلغه فأنسيه هو والناس ، أو لم ينسوه ، لكن لم يأمر - عليه السلام - أن يكتب في القرآن فهو منسوخ بيقين من عند الله تعالى ، لا يحل أن يضاف إلى القرآن
Christians Believe That the Nt Abrogated the Laws of the OT, Example
- eatting pork is Forbidden
in the OT, but is not for christians Today.
- Sercumsision is in the Ot, But paul came and said in only
sercumsision of the Hart.
- Ot states that their is one god,, I don't know when the hour (day of judgment )
is But only my father in heaven knows, Jesus himself says My lord and your lord , But paul comes
and says Jesus is GOD and their are two other onse beside him.
-So called Ot says to kill women and
children, But Nt say, if you get slaped trun the other cheak TOTALY the other way around,
Presented in a video
__________________________________________________ _______________________________
Story Of collection & Copying of the quran
وفي السنة الحادية عشرة من الهجرة وقعت معركة اليمامة المشهورة بين المرتدين بقيادة مسيلمة الكذاب، والمسلمين بقيادة خالد بن الوليد، واستحرَّ القتل في المسلمين، واستشهد منهم سبعون من القرَّاء؛ فارتاع عمر بن الخطاب، وخاف ذهاب القرآن بذهاب هؤلاء القرَّاء، ففزع إلى أبي بكر الصديق، وأشار عليه بجمع القرآن، فخاف أبوبكر أن يضع نفسه في منـزلة من يزيد احتياطه للدين على احتياط رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، فما زال مترددًا حتى شرح الله صدره، واطمأن إلى أن عمله مستمد من تشريع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بكتابة القرآن

فإن الصحيح أن القرآن لم يجمع على عهد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم في مجلد واحد، إذ لا داعي لجمعه إذ ذاك للأمن من رفعه ومن الاختلاف فيه، ولأنه يتنزل الفقرة بعد الفقرة حسب الوقائع والحوادث، بل كان متفرقا في صدور الرجال، وقد كتب بعض الناس منه في صحف وجريد ولخاف وهي حجارة بيض رقاق، واستمر الحال هكذا إلى أن استحر القتل في القراء يوم اليمامة في عهد الصديق رضي الله عنه، وأمر
زيد بن ثابت أن يتتبع القرآن فيجمعه،

فإن اختيار
أبي بكر وعثمان لزيد بن ثابت سببه هو حضور زيد للعرضة الأخيرة التي عرضها الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم على جبريل عليه السلام، وقد ثبت فيها ما ليس منسوخا من القرآن، وكان زيد كاتب الوحي للرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم، ثم إنه لا مانع أن يكلف الأمير شخصا بمهمة وهناك من هو أصلح منه لها إذا كان المكلف يستطيع القيام بها قياما كاملا، ويضاف إلى هذا أن هؤلاء الأربعة لم يكن بعضهم موجودا أيام جمع أبي بكر للقرآن بالمدينة، فإن سالما استشهد في حروب اليمامة في بداية خلافة أبي بكر، وأما معاذ فكان باليمن واليا عليها في عهد النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وعهد أبي بكر وبعض خلافة عمر.

وأما الآيتان اللتان وجدهما زيد عند بعض الصحابة فإن إثباتهما يدل له حفظ
زيد لهما مع كثير من الصحابة، ووجودهما المذكور ليس معناه عدم حفظ الصحابة لهما، بل معناه أنه لم يجدهما مكتوبتين إلا عند هذا الصحابي، كذا قال ابن حجر في الفتح، ويدل له قول زيد فأخذت أتتبعه من الرقاع والعسب.

اذا لم يستعمل عبد الله بن مسعود في جمع القرآن لماذا اذاً لم يستعمل في نسخه
وأما اختيار
زيد بن ثابت وعدم اختيار ابن مسعود رضي الله عنهما فليس فيه ما يشكل.. فإن زيداً كان بالمدينة وابن مسعود كان في الكوفة، ويضاف إلى هذا أن زيداً كان قد كلف بالجمع الأول في عهد أبي بكر، وكان ممن يكتب الوحي في عهد الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم، وقد حضر عرض الرسول القرآن على جبريل في العرضة الأخيرة التي أثبت فيها كل ما لم ينسخ

كما ذكرنا آنفاً
فجمعه رضي الله عنه على الترتيب الذي قرأه النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم على جبريل، روى
أحمد والطبري وابن أبي داود من طريق عبيدة بن عمرو السلماني أن الذي جمع عليه الناس يوافق العرضة الأخيرة

اتسعت الفتوح، وانتشر الصحابة في الأمصار، وأصبح أهل كل مصر يقرؤون بقراءة الصحابي الذي نـزل في مصرهم؛ ففي الشام بقراءة أُبي بن كعب، وفي الكوفة بقراءة عبدالله بن مسعود، وفي البصرة بقراءة أبي موسى الأش
وفي فتح أذربيجان وأرمينية، في السنة الخامسة والعشرين من الهجرة اجتمع أهلُ الشام والعراق، فتذاكروا القرآن، واختلفوا فيه، حتى كادت الفتنة تقع بينهم، فكان حذيفة بن اليمان مشاركًا في هذا الفتح؛ فذعر ذعرًا شديدًا، وركب إلى عثمان في المدينة، ولم يدخل داره حتى أتى عثمان، فقال له: (يا أمير المؤمنين أدرك الناس. قال: وما ذاك؟! قال: غزوت مَرْج أرمينية، فإذا أهل الشام يقرؤون بقراءة أبي بن كعب، فيأتون بما لم يسمع أهل العراق، وإذا أهل العراق يقرؤون بقراءة عبدالله بن مسعود، فيأتون بما لم يسمع به أهل الشام، فيكفر بعضهم بعضًا

كل إقليم من أقاليم الإسلام يأخذون بقراءة من اشتهر بينهم من الصحابة فأهل الشام يقرؤون بقراءة أبي بن كعب وأهل الكوفة يقرؤون بقراءة عبد الله بن مسعود وغيرهم يقرأ بقراءة أبي موسى الأشعري فكان بينهم اختلاف في حروف الأداء ووجوه القراءة بطريقة فتحت باب الشقاق والنزاع في قراءة القرآن أشبه بما كان بين الصحابة قبل أن يعلموا أن القرآن نزل على سبعة أحرف بل كان هذا الشقاق أشد لبعد عهد هؤلاء بالنبوة وعدم وجود الرسول بينهم يطمئنون إلى حكمه ويصدرون جميعا عن رأيه واستفحل الداء حتى كفر بعضهم بعضا

وكان عثمان قد وقع له مثل ذلك، حتى إنه خطب في الناس، وقال لهم: أنتم عندي تختلفون فيه وتلحنون، فمن نأى عني من أهل الأمصار أشد فيه اختلافًا، وأشد لحنًا، اجتمعوا يا أصحاب محمد، واكتبوا للناس إمامًا

وكتب عثمان إلى حفصة: أن أرسلي إلينا بالصحف ننسخها في المصاحف، ثم نردها إليك، فأرسلت بها .

يقول زيد بن ثابت: فأمرني عثمان بن عفان أن أكتب مصحفًا، وقال: إني مُدْخل معك رجلا لبيبًا فصيحًا، فما اجتمعتما عليه فاكتباه، وما اختلفتما فيه فارفعاه إليّ .

وفي رواية عن مصعب بن سعد: فقال عثمان: من أكتب الناس؟ قالوا: كاتب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم زيد بن ثابت. قال: فأي الناس أعـرب -وفي رواية أفصح-؟ قالوا: سعيد بن العاص. قال: فَلْيُمْلِ سعيد، وليكتب زيد .

يقول زيد بن ثابت: فلما بلغنا: إِنَّ آيَةَ مُلْكِهِ أَنْ يَأْتِيَكُمُ التَّابُوتُ قال زيد: فقلت (التابوه ) ، وقال سعيد : (التابوت ) . فرفعناه إلى عثمان، فكتب (التابوت ) ؛ لأنها من لغة قريش التي نـزل القرآن بلسانها.

اختلفت الروايات في عدد المصاحف التي كتبها عثمان، فالمشهور أنها خمسة، وورد أنها أربعة، وورد أنها سبعة، بعث بها إلى مكة، والشام، واليمن، والبحرين، والبصـرة، والكوفـة، وأبقى واحدًا بالمدينة سُمي (المصحف الإمام
فهناك تحسينات مادية أو شكلية ترجع إلى النسخ والطبع والحجم والورق والتجليد والتذهيب ونحو ذلك

إن أبا الأسود الدؤلي سمع قارئا يقرأ قوله تعالى (أن الله بريء من المشركين ورسوله) [التوبة: 3] فقرأها بجر اللام من كلمة رسوله، فأفزع هذا اللحن الشنيع أبا الأسود وقال: عز وجه الله أن يبرأ من رسوله، ثم ذهب إلى زياد والي البصرة
فكان تنطيقه و تشكيله
Collection of the Quran in one book
In the 11th year of Hijra, The Battleof Yamemh happend between the army of the prophettrue prophet Muhammad, and the army of the falus prophet Musailima (the liar), with Khalid bin Al-Walied as the commander of the muslim army, and many of the companians that memorized & recited the quran by hart died, and it was said that about 70 of them died in that battle, and Umar Ibin Al-Khattab was disterbed that 70 of the best reciters died in that battle, so he went to the first Leader of the muslims after the death of the prophet AbuBakkir, and convinced him to write the quran in a book because it was only memorized by people, (many people) and witten on diffrent objects at the time of the prophet and scatterd with many muslims exept the few that actualy had collected their own compies at the time of the peophet as Anas Bin Malik mention the four people he knew that had it completly collected , as its mentions in the hadith of Bokhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 525Abu Ad-Darda'. Mu'adh bin Jabal, Zaid bin Thabit and Abu Zaid.
And others like the mother of the believers Aisha had he own copy, as mentioned in other hadith,and also other close family members of the prophet (pbuh).
So AbuBakkir ordered Zaid Bin thabit to take lead of this project and collect the quran in one book, because :#1 Took the quran Directly from the prophet (pbuh) and qouting Umar & AbuBakkir himself in Bokhari
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 509, where he told Zaid (qoute) '' You are a wise young man and we do not have any suspicion about you, and you used to write the Divine Inspiration for Allah's Apostle.
#2 Zaid Bin thabit was one of the four people that Anas Bin Malik knew had collected the quran (by memory & writting), as its mentioned in the hadith of .
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 525
#3 The Angel Jibreal Reviewed the quran Twice with the prophet Muhammad the last year before the death of the prophet (pbuh) like the hadith of AbuHuraira as stated in Bokhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number .And Zaid bin Thabit was one of the companians present at the final review , As in the Hadith of Abu Abd Allah Al-Salmy he said:
''Zaid Bin Thabit recited (the quran) to the prophet (pbuh) in the year that the prophet died in twice, and it was called the recitation of Zaid Bin Thabit because he Wrote it for the prophet (pbuh) And he recited it to him (the prophet) And he (Zaid) witnessed the Final review. And the people kept on reciting with it (zaids recitation) til his death (the prophet)and thats why AbuBakkir & Umar apointed him to write it (the quran) , and also Uthman apointed him to make copys of it (the quran)''

And you can find this Hadith and Others reported the same thing In these books(Al Borhan Fee Uloom Al Quran)(1/237).and (Sharh Alsunna) for Imam Al-Bagawi (4/525-526)
witch in it he conferms Zaid (Being present at the Final review)
And in the last review it was clearly known to those people who were their the following:
1- What was Abrogated from the quran and what was still their.
2- The order in witch the quran was made, as it states in Imam Ahmads Hadith collection and Ibin Daoud, from Ubaida Bin Umro AL-silmani.
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Imam Al-Bagawi said quote '' It was said that Zaid bin Thabit witnessed the Final Reveiw (of the quran) in witch he should, what was abrogated and what is still (the quran) and he wrote it for the prophet (pbuh) and he recited it to him, and the people use to read it untill he (the prophet) died and thats why AbuBakkir & Umar ,used him for its(the quran) gathering, and Uthman Apointed him for its copying.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++
In Addition to these reasons witch i think is enough why Zaid Bin Thabit was Appointed to writing of the quran and copying it , at the time of AbuBakkir & later Uthman, and i will mention this because i heard some christians saying WHY was'nt some one else used for this cause?, for example the four that the prophet muhamad said to learn (the quran) from: like whats in Bokhari
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 521 and they are Abdullah bin Masud, Salim, Mu'az Bin Jabal and Ubai bin Ka'b.'
So why were'nt some of these four people used?
is because some of them where Not in MADINA at the time , for example, when AbuBakkir order the collection of the quran in one official book , Salim was already one of the people that were killed in the battle of Yamemah, as for mu'az , he was apointed the ruler in yaman at the time of the prophet (pbuh), as for Abdullah Bin Masud he was not umongest them. but i will talk more about the great companian Abdullah Bin Masud as we go along.
And just so the christians don't start panicting, and wonder WHY was'nt Ibin Masud aleast apointed by Uthman later on, when Uthman made copies of the quran? is because Ibin Masud was Not in Madina when that happend, he was in -Kufa- in iraq.
So back to our topic :
The Quran was compiled into a book by Zaid Bin Thabit as he said in the hadith of Bokhari
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 509: So I started looking for the Qur'an and collecting it from (what was written on) palmed stalks, thin white stones and also from the men who knew it by heart,
So two things where required:
-What was written down by At least two companians, And at the same time memorized by the same two (Not Including himself)Because as we mentioned he (Zaid) had the HONOR of both memorizing the quran by hart and writting the whole quran Directly from the prophet, as the prophet use to call him everytime their is any revelation to be written.
Then he said
: till I found the last Verse of Surat At-Tauba (Repentance) with Abi Khuzaima Al-Ansari, and I did not find it with anybody other than him. The Verse is: 'Verily there has come unto you an Apostle (Muhammad) from amongst yourselves. It grieves him that you should receive any injury or difficulty..(till the end of Surat-Baraa' (At-Tauba) (9.128-129) Then the complete manuscripts (copy) of the Qur'an remained with Abu Bakr till he died, then with 'Umar till the end of his life, and then with Hafsa, the daughter of 'Umar.
Note: Zaid looking for the verse missing does NOT mean that the companians did'nt memorize this verse, It just means that Not all of them had it written down. And I will talk about this point more as we go alonge.
================================================== ============
Writing the Quran in the Qurish Dialect, And sending copies, to the Rulers
And So after the first and second Kalifs died, and at the time of the third Kalif Uthman, Islam had spred in very far lands, and the people of each city would read in the recitation of the companians that had went to these lands and tought its people their own Dialect that they had learn from the prophet (as we mentioned the quran came down in one dialect, but the prophet asked Jibreal if he can give the quran to him in the diffrent dialects of the arabs, and so he gave him seven- as stated in Bokhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number513.
For example: the people (bilad al sham) or whats known now as (jordan, palistian, lebanon seriya ) would read and learn the recitation and dialect of Ubai bin Kaib.
In kufa they would learn the recitation and dialect of Abdullah Bin Masoud, and in Basra they learned the recitation of AbuMusa AL-Asha'ri.
And in the 25th year of hijra the conqest of Azirbijan and Arminyea, (Two major forces fighting the muslims) took place, and when the muslims from (bilad al sham) and the muslims from (Iraq) gathered for that same cause, they started to recite the quran diffrently (each one in his own dialect that he learned) the same this happend to them as what had happend to some companian, like Umar's dispute with Hisham bin Hakim before Uman knew that their are (seven diffrent dialects, or Ahrof) as we mentioned in the hadith of Bokhari
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 514.
And so the muslims started to dispute umongest each other, so one of the companians by the name of Hozaifa Bin Al-Yaman was aware of whats happening, he rushed to Madina and told Uthman what happend before he even entered his own house in Madina, and he Said:'' O commander of the believers, save the people, Uthman said;'' from what '' Hozaifa Said '' In the conquest of Arminiya some people were reciting with Ubai's recitation from (bilad alsham) , and when the people of Iraq that Learned the recitation of Abdullah Bin Masud heard them they start disputing''
So Uthman took the orignal copy of the quran that was written at the time of Abubakkir, from the wife of the prophet Hafsa, And Annouced to the people that they should write the quran in the orignal dialect in was brought down in ( the tunge of Quraish) as mentioned in:
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 510 Uthman said to the three Quraishi men, "In case you disagree with Zaid bin Thabit on any point in the Qur'an, then write it in the dialect of Quraish, the Qur'an was revealed in their tongue." and i will talk more about this point as we go alonge(in case you disgree with Zaid)
And apointed four men to revise and make these copies of the quran to send it to the people all over the muslims world, the four men were: Zaid bin Thabit, 'Abdullah bin AzZubair, Said bin Al-As and 'AbdurRahman bin Harith bin Hisham .
Inthe revison of the quran that was written by Zaid at the time of AbuBakkir, Zaid said in the same Hadith "A Verse from Surat Ahzab was missed by me when we copied the Qur'an and I used to hear Allah's Apostle reciting it. So we searched for it and found it with Khuzaima bin Thabit Al-Ansari. (That Verse was): 'Among the Believers are men who have been true in their covenant with Allah.' (33.23)
And So Uthman sent to all the rulers in the muslim nation copies of that Quran and ordered the other books to be burnd, so people can use the same dialect in all muslims land without cancelling any of the seven Dialects.
Please NOTE: muslims still read the seven diffrent Dialects as was tought by the prophet (pbuh) and believe in them as quran, and if muslims don't believe in the diffrent dialect then they are disbelieving in the quran, and Note: the people that learn these diffrent dialects from the muslims are mainly the people who learn islamic studies, in islamic univercities. and i personaly prayed behaind imams that recited with diffrent dialiects.
Utham told Zaid i will have a great man write with you and if you differ with him on something let me know. Zaid said when we reached the verse
إِنَّ آيَةَ مُلْكِهِ أَنْ يَأْتِيَكُمُ التَّابُوتُ (chapter 2) of the quran, Zaid said '' write the word taboot like this التابوهand saad said but like this التابوت , and when they told Uthman, he Said'' write it like thisالتَّابُوتُ because this is the dialect of Quraish.
And it was said that Uthman made 5 copies and some said 4 and others said 7 copies where made and he sent copies to (bilad al sham) (yaman)( bahrain) (Basra)(kofa) and left one in Madina.
Vouals and Dots
And as time past by Another Change was made for the muslims At the time of Al-Hajjaj , ( due to the lak of understanding of arabic vocabulary of the quran by new muslims that don't have much parctice of the quran ,and aslo non arabs who became muslim, because the earlier genoration memerized the quran as the prophet recited it so they know its vouals and pronounsiation, so they did'nt need these vouals and dots added to the quran) Aba Ahmad Al-doua'li said '' I heard a man from that muslims reading the quran but Not reading currectly'', as he it hard for him to read the quran with its currect vouals, and Abu Ahmad Al-doua'li then told Ziaad the ruler of ( Bisra ) About this matter, and Abu Ahmad Al-doua'li was apointed with another man to write these vouals to make it easy for new muslims and Non Arabs, learning arabic.
Narrated Zaid bin Thabit:
Abu Bakr As-Siddiq sent for me when the people! of Yamama had been killed (i.e., a number of the Prophet's Companions who fought against Musailama). (I went to him) and found 'Umar bin Al-Khattab sitting with him. Abu Bakr then said (to me), "Umar has come to me and said: "Casualties were heavy among the Qurra' of the! Qur'an (i.e. those who knew the Quran by heart) on the day of the Battle of Yalmama, and I am afraid that more heavy casualties may take place among the Qurra' on other battlefields, whereby a large part of the Qur'an may be lost. Therefore I suggest, you (Abu Bakr) order that the Qur'an be collected." I said to 'Umar, "How can you do something which Allah's Apostle did not do?" 'Umar said, "By Allah, that is a good project. "Umar kept on urging me to accept his proposal till Allah opened my chest for it and I began to realize the good in the idea which 'Umar had realized." Then Abu Bakr said (to me). 'You are a wise young man and we do not have any suspicion about you, and you used to write the Divine Inspiration for Allah's Apostle. So you should search for (the fragmentary scripts of) the Qur'an and collect it in one book)." By Allah If they had ordered me to shift one of the mountains, it would not have been heavier for me than this ordering me to collect the Qur'an. Then I said to Abu Bakr, "How will you do something which Allah's Apostle did not do?" Abu Bakr replied, "By Allah, it is a good project." Abu Bakr kept on urging me to accept his idea until Allah opened my chest for what He had opened the chests of Abu Bakr and 'Umar. So I started looking for the Qur'an and collecting it from (what was written on) palmed stalks, thin white stones and also from the men who knew it by heart, till I found the last Verse of Surat At-Tauba (Repentance) with Abi Khuzaima Al-Ansari, and I did not find it with anybody other than him. The Verse is:
'Verily there has come unto you an Apostle (Muhammad) from amongst yourselves. It grieves him that you should receive any injury or difficulty..(till the end of Surat-Baraa' (At-Tauba) (9.128-129) Then the complete manuscripts (copy) of the Qur'an remained with Abu Bakr till he died, then with 'Umar till the end of his life, and then with Hafsa, the daughter of 'Umar.
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman came to Uthman at the time when the people of Sham and the people of Iraq were Waging war to conquer Arminya and Adharbijan. Hudhaifa was afraid of their (the people of Sham and Iraq) differences in the recitation of the Qur'an, so he said to 'Uthman, "O chief of the Believers! Save this nation before they differ about the Book (Quran) as Jews and the Christians did before." So 'Uthman sent a message to Hafsa saying, "Send us the manuscripts of the Qur'an so that we may compile the Qur'anic materials in perfect copies and return the manuscripts to you." Hafsa sent it to 'Uthman. 'Uthman then ordered Zaid bin Thabit, 'Abdullah bin AzZubair, Said bin Al-As and 'AbdurRahman bin Harith bin Hisham to rewrite the manuscripts in perfect copies. 'Uthman said to the three Quraishi men, "In case you disagree with Zaid bin Thabit on any point in the Qur'an, then write it in the dialect of Quraish, the Qur'an was revealed in their tongue." They did so, and when they had written many copies, 'Uthman returned the original manuscripts to Hafsa. 'Uthman sent to every Muslim province one copy of what they had copied, and ordered that all the other Qur'anic materials, whether written in fragmentary manuscripts or whole copies, be burnt. Said bin Thabit added, "A Verse from Surat Ahzab was missed by me when we copied the Qur'an and I used to hear Allah's Apostle reciting it. So we searched for it and found it with Khuzaima bin Thabit Al-Ansari. (That Verse was): 'Among the Believers are men who have been true in their covenant with Allah.' (33.23)
Narrated Masriq:
'Abdullah bin 'Amr mentioned 'Abdullah bin Masud and said, "I shall ever love that man, for I heard the Prophet saying, 'Take (learn) the Qur'an from four: 'Abdullah bin Masud, Salim, Mu'adh and Ubai bin Ka'b.'
(because Ibin masoud also said about himself Iam the most Knowlegable of the book of allah ) > (Alamokom bi kitabi allah, NOT Afazohom li kitab allah) (Most knowlage & best reciter of the book , Not Most memorizor of the book) confermed by his hadith:
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 524: Ibin Msoud Where About Who
Narrated 'Abdullah (bin Mas'ud) : By Allah other than Whom none has the right to be worshipped! There is no Sura revealed in Allah's Book but I know at what place it was revealed; and there is no Verse revealed in Allah's Book but I know about whom
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 522: IBIN MAOUID I took over seventy from the prophet
Narrated Shaqiq bin Salama:
Once 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud delivered a sermon before us and said, "By Allah, I learnt over seventy Suras direct from Allah's Apostle . By Allah, the companions of the Prophet came to know that I am one of those who know Allah's Book best of all of them, yet I am not the best of them." Shaqiq added: I sat in his religious gathering and I did not hear anybody opposing him (in his speech).
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 527: UBAI is also one of the four that the prophet said the same as he said about Ibin Masoud ''UMAR CLEALY POINTS , HE IS BEST RECITER OF US ''NOT THE BEST HAFIZMEMORIZOR
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: 'Umar said, Ubai was the best of us in the recitation (of the Qur'an) yet we leave some of what he recites.' Ubai says, 'I have taken it from the mouth of Allah's Apostle and will not leave for anything whatever." But Allah said
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 507: IF YOU DIFER WITH ZAID
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
(The Caliph 'Uthman ordered Zaid bin Thabit, Said bin Al-3As, 'Abdullah bin Az-Zubair and 'Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Harith bin Hisham to write the Quran in the form of a book (Mushafs) and said to them. "In case you disagree with Zaid bin Thabit (Al-Ansari) regarding any dialectic Arabic utterance of the Quran, then write it in the dialect of Quraish, for the Quran was revealed in this dialect." So they did it.
Narrated 'Alqama:
While we were in the city of Hims (in Syria), Ibn Mas'ud recited Surat Yusuf. A man said to him), "It was not revealed in this way." Then Ibn Mas'ud said, "I recited it in this way before Allah's Apostle and he confirmed my recitation by saying, 'Well done!' " Ibn Mas'ud detected the smell of wine from the man's mouth, so he said to him, "Aren't you ashamed of telling a lie about Allah's Book and (along with this) you drink alcoholic liquors too?" Then he lashed him according to the law.
Narrated Qatada:
I asked Anas bin Malik: "Who collected the Qur'an at the time of the Prophet ?" He replied, "Four, all of whom were from the Ansar: Ubai bin Ka'b, Mu'adh bin Jabal, Zaid bin Thabit and Abu Zaid."
(Note Zaid took the Whole Quran from the prophet directly as stated in other hadiths to come )
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
When the Prophet died, none had collected the Qur'an but four persons;: Abu Ad-Darda'. Mu'adh bin Jabal, Zaid bin Thabit and Abu Zaid. We were the inheritor (of Abu Zaid) as he had no offspring
Note: To prove this too, look at the reason that Abu Bakkir used Zaid to my a written copy of the
quran; ''
and we do not have any suspicion about you, and you used to write the Divine
Inspiration for Allah's Apostle
So if the Prophet used him to write the Divine Inspiration (the quran) and trusted him with this,
and then the second man after the prophet - His first Kalif ,and second trusted him as well, and
then His thired Kalif Utham used him to make copys of the quran, A person that is not muslim
that hates islam comes and tells me that Zaid is unreliable for some dumb reasons,( i will
explain what i mean by dumb reasons) I should trust him?
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 520: Last Revision of the Quran before the death of the prophet with the Angel Jibreal
Narrated Abu-Huraira: Gabriel used to repeat the recitation of the Qur'an with the Prophet once a year, but he repeated it twice with him in the year he died. The Prophet used to stay in I'tikaf for ten days every year (in the month of Ramadan), but
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 572: Example of the companians Love of the Quran
Narrated 'Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-As:
My father got me married to a lady of a noble family, and often used to ask my wife about me, and she used to reply, "What a wonderful man he is! He never comes to my bed, nor has he approached me since he married me." When this state continued for a long period, my father told the story to the Prophet who said to my father, "Let me meet him." Then I met him and he asked me, "How do you fast?" I replied, "I fast daily," He asked, "How long does it take you to finish the recitation of the whole Quran?" I replied, "I finish it every night." On that he said, "Fast for three days every month and recite the Qur'an (and finish it) in one month." I said, "But I have power to do more than that." He said, "Then fast for three days per week." I said, "i have the power to do more than that." He said, "Therefore, fast the most superior type of fasting, (that is, the fasting of (prophet) David who used to fast every alternate day; and finish the recitation of the whole Qur'an In seven days." I wish I had accepted the permission of Allah's Apostle as I have become a weak old man. It is said that 'Abdullah used to recite one-seventh of the Qur'an during the day-time to some of his family members, for he used to check his memorization of what he would recite at night during the daytime so that it would be easier for him to read at night. And whenever he wanted to gain some strength, he used to give up fasting for some days and count those days to fast for a similar period, for he disliked to leave those things which he used to do during the lifetime of the Prophet.
Note: This is One of the storys of the normal companian of the prophet, Not the on highest and
most known, like (AbuBakkir, Umar,Uthaman ,and Ali)(raa- all) that use to do the same thing this
companian did (reading the quran in one night) and i got this Authentic Hadith, just to show you
how much these companians Loved the quran, and Not like what the christians claim and lie by
saying that the companians got sick of the quran,(like they might have got sick of their bible) and
i ask the most person that ever read the bible did you ever read it in one day? and how many times
did you read it?????
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Examining the lies of Christians
Their Claim's and Lies:
First that Umar had disputed with Zaid bin Thbit , when Zaid was commanded
to collect the quran at the time of Abubakir (the first kalif of the muslims)
Where did they get this from? they got this from the hadith collection of Ibin daoud .They say that their hadith realy conferm that there were verses in the quran that
were missing and Umar tryed to put it in by Zaid rejected him because he is
the only one that brought this verse furth when no one else did, and because
its required that muslims should have aleast two witnesses for their claims to
be confermend and so Umar did'nt have anyone else to witness with him,
therefore his verse was not exepted ?They present you with a hadith:
IBin Ashtat said that Laith Bin Saad said: the first one who collected the Quran was Abubakir , And Zaid
wrote it, and people used to come to Zaid Bin Thabit , so he would not exept just one witness for the
verses, with only one exeption (Aba Khozamah Bin Thabit )(because one day the prophet said'' Abo
khozamah counts as two witnesses by him self '' ) So they took a verse from him that was at the end of
the Chapter of (Al-baraa), while when Umar came with the veses of (Stoning)(Al-shaikho wal Al-Shaikhah)
did'nt exept him because he was alone.
Where was this hadith and is it Authentic and (true)?
Its funny they dont tell you where they got it from, but its Narrated in (Almasahif)by Ibin Ashtat from Laith
Bin Saad , But who is it possible? Laith Bin Saad was born in 94th year of the hijrah, and died in 175th
year , So where did he meat the companians of the prophet to Narrate this !! So its Not an Authentic?
hadith like usual.
But here is an Authentic and (true) hadith that tells the story diffrently;
قال زيد كنا نقرأ والشيخ والشيخة . . فقال مروان أفلا نجعله في المصحف قال لا ألا ترى أن الشابين الثيبين يرجمان قال وقال ذكروا ذلك وفينا عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه قال أنا أشفيكم من ذاك قال قلنا كيف قال آتي النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فأذكر كذا وكذا فإذا ذكر الرجم أقول يا رسول الله أكتبني آية الرجم قال فأتيته فذكرته قال فذكر آية الرجم قال فقال يا رسول الله أكتبني آية الرجم قال لا أستطيع ذاك
from the book (Al Silsilah Al Sahiha) (The Authantic collection) page and number 6/974
Narrarated By Zaid Bin thabit
Zaid said :we USED To read (the old man and the old women -Al shaikho wal Al shaikha-)then
marwan said should'nt we write it down as part of the written Quran, (Zaid) ''he replyed don't you
see that the two young-married are to be stoned'', and Umar was with us when we were talking
about this matter (may god be please with him) so he (Umar) said '' I will get you the answer'' so
we both said how, he Siad; from the prophet (pbuh) and i will mention such-and-such to him and
when i get to Stoning i will say O' prophet of allah allow me to write down the verse of stoning,so
he (Umar) said ; i went to him (the prophet) mention it, and told him about the verse of stoning,
and asked him O' prophet of allah let me write the verse of Stoning, He (the prophet) said
;''I can't''
(Authantic Narrarator)
there is also two more Authantic hadith like this narrarated by Umar in the
book (Umar's Collection-2/870 - ) and also a similar hadith narrarated by Zaid
in the book (The Authantic collection) and all are clasified as(Authantic)
And this remainds us of the hadith we mentioned earlier , when Anas ibin Malik was asked '' Who
collectedthe quran at the time of the prophet he said '' Four people'' One of thewas '' Zaid bin thabit''
witch conferms this hadith of Zaid.
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Second The bring A hadith from (the collection of Abi Daoud) and say look
at Umar how he was trying to add a versethat was missing from the quran,
as they claim he states in this hadith!!
Narrarated by Abdullah Bin Abbas (may allah be please with him) he Said that Umar Said: '' Allah has
his prophet with truth (sunnah), and he sent down upon him his Book (the quran) ,and it was
part of what he brought down on to him the verse of Stonning.
We understood it and we were aware of its command, and the prophet (pbuh) Stonned and we
stoned after him, And i free that with time passing by, A person would say;'' we don't find the verse
about stonning in the book of allah, and they would go Astray by leaving ITs COMMAND that God
sent, And stonning is (as we know) a command for who commits fournication from the men and
women if they were married , and the proof was clear, or carrage, or confession, and by allah! if
it was'nt for the people saying ; Umar added things in the book of allah, i would have wrote it.
found in (Collection of Abo dauod)A logical way of looking at it before we present the evidence

1-Umar Knew that it was Abogated because apperently he knew it exsisted in the quran before,
because He said i would put it back in if i would'nt be acused of adding to the quran.
(and adding something means its was not their in there in the first place (AFTER ABROGATION)
2-No one objected or rebelled, OR even commented on this(That its not aborgated ,But part
of the quran ) exept Umar himself (And he NEVER said its Not abrogeted) ( Not Zaid, Not Ubi,
Not IBin Masoud, Not even Ibin Abbas the Narrorator,
3-And the Hadith about Umar, was recored as he was giving the Sirmen or a spreach in the Mosqe
to all people.
5-And if its true that muslims took this out from the quran because they did'nt like it the why did
Umar, Uthman, and Ali, and all the khalaf's still follow its commad ? and i will answer, Because
its one of the verses that was Abogated as a verse But Not as a command as i explained.

6 -He WAS the head Of State, and the Khalifa of the muslims at that time, and the most powerful
man, and as muslims know that UMAR (raa) will never be quite about something like this,
(refuted and crushed)But why get it from their Mr Christian when you can go to the full version in AlBOKHARI
by ibin Abbas, and it apears to be a Sirmen or speach given by Umar in the Mousqe!!
It a litle long but i will go over it a litle briefly Abdullah Ibin Abbas said:
I was teaching two men (recitation)from the muhajireen, and one of them was Abdul rahman Ibin
Auf ,and he told me that he saw a man talking to Umar and he saying
to him; O' commander of the believers (Umar) , what do you say about a man that said :'' IF UMAR
dies i will pledge my allegiance to so-and-so, and i swear the allegiance pledged to Abubakir is
nothing but a slip that had happend, So Umar got angrey, and said; I will say ,with Gods will, to the
people in my speach, warning them to be carefull of some people that want to force their ways, and
Abdull rahman said :i said :'' O' commander of the believers (Umar) dont do it , because (as you
know) this is a time of year where people from all over (the muslims land) will come and they verious
ways in understanding, so i fear that they might not understand what you are saying and misqoute it.
So wait until you get to Madina and tell the people what you want to tell them, Because it is a place
of SUNNAH(knowlage of the Sunnah) and you will be surrounded with people of Knowage, and so
you will know that they will understand what you mean.
Umar replyed, ''I swear by Allah -with his will- that i will say it As soon as i get to Madina''
Ibin Abas said :'' so we came to madina after the month (zil hijjah), and as soon as the first friday
prayer came , as early as i can, and i found Sa'eid Bin Zaid the son of Umro Bin Alnofail sitting to
the Mimbar (the podiam of speach) so i sat beside him and told him when i saw Umar comming :''
(Umar) will say today something he never said anything like it before (different approach)'' but he
did'nt understand me and said what will Umar say that he had never said before.
So when Umar started talking after the call to prayer ended he praised Allah and then said O'
people i will tell you something that was planed for me to say, and i don't know if i say it and my
fait has became near, So who ever understands what i say, let him pass it on where ever they might
end up going, then he said, BUT WHO EVER DOES NOT UNDERSTAND IT THEN (let it be known)
I FORBID THAT THEY WOULD LIE ABOUT ME (like christians now adays) :
'' Allah has
his prophet with truth (sunnah), and he sent down upon him his Book (the quran) ,and it was
part of what he brought down on to him the verse of Stonning ''The Old man and the Old women''.
We understood it and we were aware of its command, and the prophet (pbuh) Stonned and we
stoned after him, And i free that with time passing by, A person would say;'' we don't find the verse
about stonning in the book of allah, and they would go Astray by leaving IT COMMAND that God
sent, And stonning is (as we know) a true command from allah for who commits fournication from
the men and women if they were married , and the proof was clear, or carrage, or confession
And we
USED TO also read what Was in the quran : '' Don't go against your parents, for that is
injustice to youselfs
,'' OR '' its injustice to you that you may go against your parents ''and also
the prophet did say ;'' Do not elevate me like the christians elevated jesus the son of marry But, call
me Slave of allah'' and I have hear that one of you said [If Umar dies i will pledge my allegiance
toso-and-so, and that allegiance pledged to Abubakir is nothing but a slip that had
happend ]
( i swear their is No one as worthy as Abubakir at the time)
and who ever make any Allegiance without consulting (SHORA) the muslims, then the muslims
should'nt follow him our who he pedge his allegiance too.
And we had heard after the death of the prophet that the people of Ansar have gathered, in on the
property of BANI SOADAH and that they had some representetives from us -the people of
muhajireen- like ALI and AL-Zobaier and others, and the muhajireen gatherd
arround ABOBAKIR so i (Umar) told Abobakkir ;'' O' Abobakkir take us to our brother -the people
of Ansar- so we went there, and when we got there, i saw one of the staring to speak, he praised
allah and said good things about the (Ansar) and other things about the (muhajireen) but i (Umar)
felt that we were being pushed aside , So i wanted to say something that i had in mind before
Abobakkir , but abobakkir told me to wait, but i feared that i might anger him, so did'nt talk ,and
he started talking, and he was a lot more homble them me (if i were to talk) and greatly thought off,
as he talked, and i swear their is not a beautiful word that i like exept that he had said to the people
,and i know that he had been more outspoken then me,and he talked until he said;'' what you -
people of Ansar- say about your selfs is true, and i find it aproprate that the leadership would be
given to the people of Quraish.... and then i (Abobakkir) have approved of these two men , and he
took my (Umar) hand and the hand of (Aba Ubaidah Bin Aljarrah)'' and If I (Umar) was hit by a
sord, it would have been easier from me then(to hear this part of his speach that i did'nt like , when
he presented me, as a leader over the people including him -Abubakkir-)
The one of the (Ansar) said :O' Quraish I suggest that their would be one leader of us and one
leader of you'' and then people started raising their voices and and it became louder and louder , So
I (Umar) Said to Abobakkir :'' give me your hand so he did , and i pledge Allegiance to him and then
the -Muhajireen- Did, and then the-Ansar- Did as well .
And I swear by god that there is No one i saw there, better then Abobakkir for this , bud we feared
that when we leave they might change their minds and choose one of them , so it either we give
the allegiance to one who we don't realy approve of, or we Don't then it would be Mischief ,and if
anyone pledges Allegiance to anyone without the CONSULTATION of muslims then Neither the
pledger Nor the who who is pledged too, are to be followed.
This was the full Hadith Of Umar (may god be pleased with him) and just by reading this story alone
witch in translated to english from Al-bokhari , is enough to distroy their false claims and
Umar wanted to give an example by comparing between the two situations (Stoning & Consultation)
Stoning is not (anymore)a command in the Quran (Aborogated)And so is the, shora ( consultation )
for chosing a leader is not in the quran but they are both a command in the sunnah of the prophet.Ibin Hajjar Al-Asqalani said :
The reason Why Umar (the commader of the believers) Said the story of (Rjim) Stonning and
disobaying the parents is his speach is because of what that man said '' if Umar dies, I will pledge
my obedience to so-and-so, and so Umar pointed out the verse of Stoning that were aborogated and
being harsh on him who says '' i don't follow exept what i find in the quran and not whats in thesunna''that commands people to consult each other to choose the next leader, As what is stated
in the sunna.(like the quranic's now adays)
And Why he talked about obedienece of the parents its as if to show them that they have to obay
their leader like they obay their leader and not wish to have anyone else as their leader, and say
iam going to pledge obedienece for so-and-so, and that Abo bakir was'nt the correct choice.
So its enough for a smart man to understand what Umar is talking about when you read the whole
story, and if a person dosn't understand what Umar (may god be pleased with him) said ( like
some christians) then Aleast, you should have understood when Umar said '' BUT WHO EVER
And why Abo-Daoud had mentioned only part of the speach of the speach in his Book ( The Book of
the first punishments- subject of Stoning ) is because he is refering to the hadith that talks about
this subjict and so he mintioned the part of the speach thats required.
And remeber we had two three main people that the story is getting told by (Ibin Abbas-Abdurahman
Bin Aouf- and Umar Bin Alkhattab) so lets see how Abdul Rahman Bin Aouf told it and how he
Narrarated it in (Musnad Ahmad)(#175/1) and (108/1)
1-Abdulrahman bin Aouf said:
Umar prefomed pilgrimage (hajj)
(to macca) and he wanted to talk to the people so Abdul rahman said :'' their are people here that
are have very simple understanding , so wait until go back to Madina, and so i was sitting beside
his Mimbar (podiam) and i heard him say:'' their are people that say where is stoning and in the
book of allah is -whip lashing ''-, and the prophet peace be upon him stoned, and we stoned after
him, and if it was not for people saying he(Umar)put in the quran what not from it, i would have put it
in, same way if was brought down before.(Authentic)
Now lets see the most importan figure of the story in the book of (Sunnan al Tirmizi)
number 1431
2- Umar Ibin Al Khattab him self Narrarating what we can understand to be his speach:
The prophet peace be upon him punishing by stoning , and we punished also by stoning . and if it
was'nt that i hate to add in the book of allah , i would have wrote it my self in the Mushaf, I Did fear
that some people would come later, and not find it and so disbelieve in it (as a command).
__________________________________________________ ________________________________
Threadly they bring a Hadith for AishaAbout a verse of the quran (that was
abrogated) and say that this verse is not in the quran in our present day so
that would suggest that the quran is not the sameone that had exsisted
before (as they claim);
This is one of the most used Hadith that the enemys of islam try to use for their claim that the quran is
missing verses, as they claim , The hadith is
qoute Aisha and in it was said '' The verse of Stoning, and
the major ten breast feads, and it was on a paper ( leather sheat ) under my bed, and when the prophet
died (pbuh) and we where busy with his death, a sheap came in and eat it''
Narrarated in book of Ibin Majah (#1944) and Abo Ya'la (#4588-4587) from Ibin Ishaq:
from Abodul Allah Bin Abi Bakir, From Amrt, from Aisha .
And from Abdul Allah Bin ALqasim , From his father, From Aisha.
So Christians like to take their information from Ibin Ishaq who is a historian thats known to taking hadith
from weak sources and even qoutes non muslims too, and as we know their are a lot of falus hadith that
started to get spred by the enemys of islam after the time of the prophet (Pbuh) and thats why we got great
scholars that came much later after the prophet (pbuh) and retuned to the chain of Narraration and what
called (tawator al hadith ) meaning ( the narraration of the same hadith by many people and hunderds of
people) to Authenticate a hadith, like whats in the collection of (sahih Bokhari ,and Sahih Muslim) and
many other scholars like these two , and to deam the Hadith weak and as (Matrook & Makzoob) (leave it
and A lied about hadith) depending on the Narrarator and whats called hadith (AHAD) meaning (few
people Narrarated the same hadith )
and what do christians like to use weak and lied about hadith most
of the time :)
But lets see what the scholars said about Ibin ishaq ; A hadith can be taken from people like ibin islaq
who is known to take his hadith from diffent ways, is if that person said '' I Heard '' or '' so-and-so SAID''
and does'nt say (From so-and-so from so-and-so) as we see in his hadith.
Ahmad Bin Hambal was Asked about Ibin Ishaq: IF he narrarated a hadith Not narrarated by anyone
else, would you accepte it? He said '' No, By allah i saw him narrarating about a group of people while
he would'nt distinguish between this and that'' In book of (Tahzeeb Al Kamal) ( the morals in profection)
(422:24) and also Both Al-Nasai' and Iman Ahmad said that Ibin Ishaq is not relyable with judgement
(of right and wrong)
And Yes, Ibin Ishaq, Does have hadith where he mentions as Narrarations.
And Now let us suppose that Ibin Ishaq's Hadith about Aisha (raa) was an Authantic hadith and even
though its not, we know that:
* The verse of stoning was Abrogated as a verse But not its command.( as we explained before)
* The verse of Ten Brestfeads was Abrogated with Five Breatfeads - the first one abrogated as a
verse and a command and the second one is only Abrogated as a vese only and its command
stands like AL Shafi'y Said.
And we will also Suppose that the verses Were NOT Abrogatede !!! would it have been a problem to
re-write that in the quran, and look how laim their arguments are: Aisha memorized the verse and she
qoutes the verse, Saying '' It was (past tence) as part of the quran-ten breastfeads forbid-and then its
was Abrogated by -Five brestfeads forbid'' So whether Abrogated or Not , she quoted the verse, as she
said the Hadith, OR please Prove otherwise!
And these GENIUS Christians mean to tell me, that when the Verse of Stoning was brought down
around the time of the battles of BADIR and Uhod, and that long before the prophet died, and so the
Genius christian wants to tell me that be the from the 2nd and 3rd year of the migration to madinah until
the 8th year, at the time of the conqest of Mekka , when the prophet entered it with ten thousend people
not including women, you mean to tell me that NONE of these people have already memorize the chapter
of Al-Ahzab, when a lot of these companians of the prophet used to recite the quran by hart in one weak
and some of them would recite it in one night everynight like Uthman bin Afan would as i had said before,
and would'nt the know what was Abrogated from it and what was Not , YES, they would , like what Ubay
bin Kaab said in the Hadith that the christians also like to use:
Zar narrarated that Ubai Bin Kaab said : How many verses is the Chapter of Al-Ahzab? i said seventy three
verses, he (ubai) said : by the one who Ubai bin Kaab swears by it used to be the same length of the
chapter of Bakara, or even more, and of it that we used to read is the verse of stoning; (the old man and
the old women, stone them as a ponishment from allah and allah is al-knowing al-wise) (Alkortobi)
And so a lot of people entered islam late around the conquest of Makka and were later informed that
the Chapter of Al-Ahzab was Abrogated from the quran and that it was as long or even longer then
And what i find very funny is when we persent a verse in the quran, that tells the muslims to be good
to the people that don't fight them or drive the muslims out of their home. They immediately reply and
say to us NO, that the peacefull verses in the quran where Abrogated by verses that command fighting.
So this is very funny, because when they want they say abrogated(without showing any evidence), But
when we say the verse such-and-such was Abrogated (and we got evidence of this in the Hadith )
LAST thing about the Hadith of Aisha or any, I challange ANY christian to come with a HADITH,
EVEN a weak hadith that says that anyone of the companians of the prophet SAID clearly , the quran has
been changed.
قال القرطبي: وروى زر قال قال لي أبي بن كعب: كم تعدون سورة الاحزاب ؟ قلت ثلاثا وسبعين آية، قال: فوالذي يحلف به أبي بن كعب إن كانت لتعدل سورة البقرة أو أطول، ولقد قرأنا منها آية الرجم: الشيخ والشيخة إذا زنيا فارجموهما ألبتة نكالا من الله والله عزيز حكيم. أراد أبي أن ذلك من جملة ما نسخ من القرآن. وأما ما يحكى من أن تلك الزيادة كانت في صحيفة في بيت عائشة فأكلتها الداجن فمن تأليف الملاحدة والروافض.
تفسير القرطبي ج 14 ص 113
__________________________________________________ ______________________
Answering those who say that their is two chapters (sorah's)
in the qurantext of Uobi Bin kaib:
The uneducated Christians saidسورتا الحفد والخلع
1-Its reported that Al-A'mash said :about the recitation of Uobi Bin Kaib '' Allahoma ina nasta'inok wa
nastagfirok, wa nothni alika wala nakforok....ext '' and '' Allahoma ina iyaka nabod, wa laka nosali wa
nasjod....& so on'' 2- Ibin Sirean Said : Aobay bin Kaib wrote in this own copy of the mushaf ( quranic text) the Faiha
(chapter 1) , Al-Falaq(chapter 113) Al-Nass(chapter 114) and the two chapters (Allahoma ina
nasta'inok) &(Allahoma ina iyaka Nabod) And the Ibin Masoud left them, And Othman
Only wrote (chapter 1-113-114) and Aobi Bin Kaib Also used to make suplication
(qonoot) with those two chapters and write them in his (quranic text) or his Mushaf.
3-Abdul Rahman Bin ibza is reported to have said : in the Mushaf of ibin Abbas, the
reading of Aobi bin Kaib and Abo Musa : ' Allahoma ina nasta'inok wa nastagfirok,
wa nothni alika wala nakforok....ext '' and '' Allahomaina iyaka nabod, wa laka
nosali wa nasjod....& so on'' -sublication from the quran-
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 527:
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: 'Umar said, Ubai was the best of us in the recitation (of the Qur'an) yet we leave some of what he recites.' Ubai says, 'I have taken it from the mouth of Allah's Apostle and will not leave for anything whatever."
Meaning he is Not going to eraise The Abrogated (Verses) of the quran like the Hafid &Khali'a, and use
them for sublication , because,As he says, he head it from the mouth of the prophet,(so he loves them)
and the prophet, allowed people to use these Abrogated verese as Doa'a But NOT as Quran. (and
thats why he left them in HIS COPY,AS i will explain below.
4-Also what is reported about some of the prophets companians that used to make qunoot in
(suplication) their prayer with those two verses after the death of the prophet:
Omar ibin al Kattab (my god be pleased with him) used to also make (qunoot) with these two
(chapters of the quran)'' al hafd and the other one al khalia'a ...''
Umar reported that he made Qonot in his prayer with these two abrogated verses :
عن عمر بن الخطاب أنه قنت بعد الركوع، فقال: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم إنا نستعينك ونستغفرك. ونثني عليك ولا نكفرك. ونخلع ونترك من يفجرك. .بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم إياك نعبد. ولك نصلي ونسجد. وإليك نسعى ونحفد. نرجو رحمتك ونخشى عذابك. إن عذابك الجد بالكافرين ملحِق

Watch video for the Imam of Makka making Doa'a with these same Abrogated verses as
Umar my allah be pleased with him did. (shaikh soudias)
To answer these people Who bring these reportings to us
and say that the quran is missing these two (chapters).
1-I Challange any genius christian to come and give us a (caticorized -True-) haidth or narraration. The first narraration was from the book called '' Al athar libin Alatheer''and its caticorized umongest the straings of the hadith.
and off course the poor christians go anywhere to get a hadith, without hadith knowlage, and illiterate of hadith science.
 2-Is the (Qunoot) (sublication) done in prayer by reading quran ?
 3-some of the compaians used to write in their own copy of the quran, interputation (of the quran) suplication that the prophet used to suplicat with during prayer, because all these things they put in the quran does not disterb their knowlage of what is quran and what is just Notes of interputation and such. (like what we call side Notes)
 4-these two chapters or verses of supliction in the quran (similar to the fatiha) that was brought down from god , later Abrogated But still allowed to use as SUPLICATION Only, and aslo people mixed them with suplication of their own, and thats why Uobi left these suplication verses as SIDE NOTES SUPLICATION , AS THE QURAN NOW A DAYS you can find suplications at the end of it, NOT FROM THE QURAN 5-Nafia'a reported ( he is one of the narrarators of the diffrent -qira'at- recitation's) the Recitation of Uobi ibin kaib that the prophet tought him , and it was also reported by ibin katheer , Abo Omaro , and others ... And NONE of these reports had the two chapters that were once part of the quran before they were ABROGATED (Alhfid & Al-Khalia'a)
 6-And Uobi had the same exact quran as the quran we have in our hand today.one last proof:
Abo Alhassan Alashari said '' I saw the mus'haf of Uobi Bin Kaib in Al-Basrra (in iraq) at a son of his , and he found it to be an exact match as the one that he had with him.
Answering those who lie by saying ibin masoud didnt add
the last two chapters
of the quran 113-114
This falty claim has been expressed, in the past by some christians and some misguided people of
those of claim they are (quranics) and they answer them self with their clear contridictional critisizam
The hadith used for this is from Albokhari :
Reported by Zar bin hobaish , he said : I asked Uobi bin Kaib and said ''O son of Monzir you brother
Ibin Masoud is saying , such & such .Uobi replyed i asked the prophet he said to me : he told me and i
said .So we say what the prophet (pbuh) said
.End of hadith

First qurstion that comes to mind is ; where was the criticism to Ibin Masoud in this hadith by Uobi??
The hadith was a -mubham- (unclear) as the schoalers said !!!!
And here is the comentary by AL-hafiz bin Hajar, in a book called (Alfatih)
He Said ; the hadith was -mubham- (a schoalerly term for UNCLEAR) , and i thought that Albokhari spoke
of it -mubham- but when i went back to the Narrarator (AL Ismaili) i found that he too has it -Unclear -
* And the christians think they have it made for them, since it was -Clear- in the narraration of imam
Ahmad where he said
{ your brother (Ibin masoud) dont write the two chapters (113-114) in his
-Mushaf - }
* And also in another nerraration {Ibin Masoud used to Not write (113-114) in his copy and used to
say that they are Not from the book of allah }
So we conclude atleast that the christians agree with us on whats known as(( Gathering of Hadith
Because the hadith of BoKhari, is translated by them from the Hadith of Imam Ahmad and
they make his hadith undoubtably, a means of interputing of Al Bokharis Hadith!
and if we agree on this with the christians, that the quran and hadith translates each other and is
tied together, i give you and example:
when you tell the christians about the hadith of the prophet
(pbuh) where he tells some of the people of Quraish { I came to you with slaughter ) < this hadith is
in Imam Ahmads collection , But it has a detailed translation in Bokhary, Christians are quick to say
Never minde any other hadith '' we take every hadith alone'' christians say.
NOW , since they are gathering hadith routes to prove their case with what they call
''good arguments'' , We reply with allahs will , and this reply with One hadith for sure will bash
their so called arguments about this matter.
And this hadith is ALSO in the collection of Iman Ahmad Hadith's,
In it its reported that Zar Bin
Hobaish Said: I said to Aobi Bin Kaib that Ibin Masoud did'nt use to write chapters(113-114) in his copy
of the quran, Then he said i bare witness that the prophet of allah (pbuh) told me that jibreal (pbuh)
said to him
and recited {113.001 Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn }and the he said: say
{114.001 Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind}
then he said it, and
so we say what the prophet said
..>>BUT dont be to happy Mr christian Because this hadith still
dont comfirm you position , if thats what your thinking<<<
Because the Tabari in the book called '' Al-Awosat'' said : that Ibin Masoud said like Aobi said.
about them being tought this from the prophet(pbuh)
And before i move on, i will say that any hadith about this matter Told By Zar about Aobi Bin Kaib
is a transmition of thoughts expressed by Zar,and is what schoalers call {inbalanced transmition}NOT in {transmitors OR nerrarators} So in other words their is No Hadith that says '' reported by
Zar, that Ibin masoud said: chapter (113-114) Is Not from the quran .
But on the other hand we do have a hadith thats clear about Ibin masouds position on the
Two chapters .
Sofyan Ibin Oyayna reported ,that Obida and Assim reported , that Zar Said ; i said to Uobi , your
brother does not say that (113-114) are from the quran, Ubai did'nt Coment on that, but he
went on to say , YES ;and they are not in mushaf of Ibin Masoud , because he used to hear the
prophet recite them to Hassan and Hossain , But never heard him recite them in prayer , so he
''THOUGHT'' that their not from the quran ,While other compaians heard the prophet recite them,
then they let ibin masoud know .
So he did'nt deniy that they are from the quran like some christians like or hope it to be, he
(( thought )) that because he never heard the prophet read them in his prayer, where IN PRAYER.
and i will explain this in a little while.
so again these Hadith that are Narrarated about the two chapters are only conclusions by Zar not
basied on hearing accounts , AND ;
1- AL Nawawi ,in the book (sharh al mazhab)
-النووي في شرح المهذب
2-Ibin hizam ,in (al mahly) و ابن حزم في المحلي
3-fakhir al Razy , In( Awaal tafseerh) و فخر الرازي في اوائل تفسيره

All agree that any Hadith for -Mosnad- Imam Ahmad is {inbalanced transmition} again { Not an
inbalance of Narrarator} '' arabic schoaler term ( shaz fee al matin) , and that happens when there
a hadith is narrarated throu few people, Not hundreds , witch would make it a balanced narraration)
{and god know best- i hope i got the right term for (shaz) in the english }
Back to our topic , and to give you a proof ;1-of the ten diffrent recitations of the quran (Al qira'at al Al ashir)(dialex) is whats is passed down
from Abdoullah bin Masoud to the following people , with NO deniy of the two chapters as being
part of the quran , and they are:
1-Abi Amer Albasri
قراءة ابي عمرو البصري
2-Assim bin Abi Al Nojod عاصم بن ابي النجود
3-ALI bin Hamza Al ksaa'i علي بن حمزة الكسائي
4- Yaqoob Bin Ishaq Alhadrami يعقوب بن اسحاق الحضرمي
5-Khaf bin hisham Al bazar خلف بن هشام البزار
And again None of these people deniy that chapter (113-114) is not from the quran, being the
students of IBin Masoud and transmiting the recitations off ibin masoud , to what we have today,
and whats known as the (7 ahroof) narrarated by (ten reciters
2- Ibin masoud did NOT memorize the quran fully , and it was said that he did after the prophet
Mohammads death , and it was also said that he never memorized it fully ,this was metioned by
(( Al qahtani)), Al though some people might get confused because the prophet told the people to
learn the quran from ibin masound As it states in Bkohari, But that don't mean that he memorized it,
the prophet (pbuh) was refuring to his knowlage of (Translation & recitation ) (Tafseer & Qirah) and
even ibin masoud say this same thing about him self >>
their is No one that i know of the people,
that has more knowlage of where the verses came down and about who the veses where talking
<<Stated in Bkhari .
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 524:
 3- So ibin Masoud was A better reciter then Zaid bin Thabit, But No a ''HAFIZ'' memorizer of the
quran like zaid was, and if ibin masoud took ((70)) chapters from the prophet Directly
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 522: ,
then let itbe know that Zaid took the whole quran from the prophet peace be upon him ,
in the hadith of Abu Abd Allah Al-Salmy (Al Borhan Fee Uloom Al Quran)
 4-the Mushaf or copy of the quran was his own copy and he used to write in it Only what he hears
from the prophet in Prayer , My proof is from the prayer of the prophet :
 A- the chapters order in ibin masoud's copy goes as follows (Al-baqara/Al-Nisa/ALi-Imran) and thats
because the prophet used to read in this order in the optional nightly prayer .
 B-Ibin masoud did'nt used to write the (Fatiha) In his copy of the quran is another proof , because
when he was asked about this he said; IF i wanted to write it i would have wrote it at the bigging
of each sorrah,( and when do the muslims read the Fatiha in payer???? Answer ; A must read in
every prayer , and even if every section or( rokaa) of prayer) and just so you christian don't have
painc attack here is the prophet talking about this:
Volume 6, Book 61, Number 528
The prophet said, "Shall I not teach you the most superior Surah in the Qur'an?" He said, '(It is),
'Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. ' (i.e., Surat Al-Fatiha) which consists of seven repeatedly recited Verses and the Magnificent Qur'an which was given to me."
Volume 6,Book61,numbet 534,535,536 The prophet is talking about the vertues of these chapters of the quran . of the two last chapters of the quran that some christians say that they are not from the quran baseing their claim on hopes and wishs .
And because ibin masoud will hear (AL Fatiha ) meny times in the one day (in the outload prayer,
like FAJIR prayer and Magrib prayer and Ishaa Prayer)
C- With him not writing the Fatiha (chapter 1) although he knows its from the quran Can only mean
that the copy he had was only writen by him for him.
6- We don't have a clear hadith stating that Ibin Maoud said : I don't agree that the quran should'nt
have the to chapters (113-114)
7-And why do we NOT hear that any one of the big compaians like ALI and Mouawia...spread this
some kind of criticisim against Othman Or Zaid (may god be pleased with them all) ???
As for the people that went as far as calling these Hadith about Ibin masod as
(True in Context) or whats known as '' Sahih'' we say :
1- what is ment by the two chapters (113-114) is not the in-exsistance of the of the chapter's in the
quran ,but rather how it reads.
And proof of this:
*It was Narrarited by IBin Abi Dawod that Abo Hamza Said: i came to ibraheem with a my copy of
the quran and in it: And talked to him about some verses and some sora's, then Ibraheem said
erase this. because ibin masoud used to hate this and say don't write in allahs book what is not
from it,
(( and it is the same thing qoutation of Ibin masoud (IF its True context and Authantic) about chapter
(113-114) ))so they said that he means erase the name and NOT the sourah , and mostly because
they didnt EVER hear him say chapter (113-114) are not from the quran .
*The auther of (Manahil Alarifeen) commented about this by saying that Ibin Masoud saw it
writen in the wrong place or wrongly writen (( in the wronge order ))
*Alrazani said in his (tafseer) that he did'nt think at first that they are from the mushaf (to be
written ) so people started carrying this to other, so he put them in his mushaf .
Conclusion : their is no clear proof or evidance that ibin masoud said clearly that the two
chapters(113-114) ( Al Falaq/Al Nas) are not from the quran , whether its in bokhari Or in
Imam Ahmads collection, and what we come to understand from this is two things:
1-Either (shaz fee al matin){inbalanced or incorrect transmition} and this is in Imam
Ahmads collection
2-Unclear translation.
As for the hadith in Bokhari it was mobham ( unclear) and what is unclear in bokhari witch is
an storng Book of hadith because of Chain of narrarition and correct transmition (motawatir)
(so many people narrarited and carried it) CAN NOT BE translated by a (incorrect
transmition) like whats in Imam Ahmads collection Concerning this matter, and anyway all
that this proves to us is how illiterate these people are when it come to the science of Hadith.
And i thank allah for allowing me to put this furth
للمزيد من مواضيعي


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what can we say for such a great work :d

Gazaka Allahu Khayran brother Muhammed

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Jazaka allaho Khairan ...Soon this IS going to be on a video ya habibi and i will send you the video

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Jazaka allaho Khairan ...Soon this IS going to be on a video ya habibi and i will send you the video

Jazaka Allaho Khairan brother Mohammed. Your videos are here :


That´s a great work!!! Mashaallah...

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Jazaka Allaho Khairan brother Mohammed

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ما أجـمـلَ الضـادَ تـبـيـانا وأعـذبهَـا .. جرسا وأفـسـحـَها للعـلـمِ مـيـدانـا
ثوبوا إلى الضاد واجنوا من أزاهرِها .. واستـروحــوا صـورا منها وألــوانـا

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